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For Flash Sheet Music downloads:

Click here to veify that you have the lateset version of Abode Flash Player

For Scorch Sheet Music download see the rest of this page.

We highly recommend using Firefox with Scorch since fewer problems are experienced with Firefox. If you do not have Firefox installed click the appropriate link to download and install Firefox:
Install Firefox on Windows . . . Install Firefox on Mac

Which browsers is Sibelius Scorch supported on?


Internet Explorer 10
Google Chrome
(32-bit only)

Sibelius Scorch is supported on all major browsers on Windows XP to Windows 8

Click here to download and install Scorch »

Mac OS 10.7 and later

Google Chrome

Sibelius Scorch is supported on all major browsers on Mac OS 10.7 and later

Click here to download and install Scorch »

(Safari version 6 or later is required)

Mac OS 10.6

Google Chrome

Sibelius Scorch may work but is not fully supported on Firefox and Chrome

Click here to download and install Scorch »

Sibelius Scorch is not compatible with Safari 5

Mac OS 10.5 and earlier

The latest version of Sibelius Scorch is not support on these older operating systems but if you would like to try an older version of Sibelius Scorch (which would only run in earlier versions of Safari 4 and Firefox), you can download it here.

Windows (Internet Explorer)

Click here to download and install Scorch »

Iternet Explorer will automatically display a prompt to install Scorch underneath the browser address bar or at the bottom of the browser window:

Click “Install” on this message to start the install. If you haven’t seen the prompt, just refresh this page (press F5 key). Once the install has completed, please close and re-open Internet Explorer. In certain cases, you may have to restart your computer.

If you’re having problems getting Scorch prompt to appear, please install the plug-in manually by downloading and running this file.

In some cases when you have Scorch already installed and you are trying to view sheet music in Scorch format on our website, Internet Explorer would prevent the sheet music from showing and will show this information bar:

If this happens, just click "Allow" button on the information bar and sheet music should appear.

Windows (all other browsers)

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2013 03:21PM BST
Step 1

To install Scorch on Windows (for Chrome Firefox), Click here to download and install Scorch » and then click “Run”.

Step 2

Once the installation window appears, click "Next":

Step 3

Accept the Licence Agreement by clicking "Next":

Step 4

Click "Next" to install into the default installation folder (recommended):

Step 5

Click "Next" to confirm and start installation:

Step 6

Click "Close" to complete install:

Step 7

Once the install has completed, please close and re-open your web browser.

Warning: In some instances after you install Scorch and then close and re-open your browser, the sheet music might still not be showing. In this case, please re-start your computer - this usually fixes the problem.

Mac (all browsers)

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2013 12:25PM BST
To start installing Scorch for Mac, click here, then click “Open” and double-click on “SibeliusScorch.pkg”. Once the install has completed, please completely quit (Cmd+Q) and re-open your web browser.

Printing digital sheet music

Last Updated: Jul 03, 2013 12:02PM BST
Step 1

After purchasing the sheet music, it will appear in Your Orders. Just click on the score that you'd like to print.

Step 2

Click the "Print" button on the Scorch toolbar:

Step 3

Click "OK" in the print dialogue that appears:

The sheet music should now be printed.

  1. If you click on the print button and nothing happens, try pressing the "Refresh" or "Reload" button in your browser and then press the print button again when the page has reloaded. If this doesn't work, you may need to empty your internet cache and try again.
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer you may need to click the print button twice for it to work.
  3. Certain Kodak printers might not be able to print sheet music at all. This is due to the way the print jobs are sent to them by the computer. Please find an alternative printer to print your sheet music.
  4. Do not use any other method than the one described above, or the sheet music might not print out.

Scorch Toolbar

Scorch toolbar

  1. Turn pages
  2. Changes which device you use for playback.
  3. Playback controls and tempo slider.* Click play button to play from the start, or click on the score to play from that point or stop.
  4. Change top instrument or key*
  5. Save*
  6. Page Setup*
  7. Print*
  8. Scorch information and updates

Use Page Up/Page Down and the up/down arrow keys to scroll up and down the score.

To play music in the background while you work, just set Scorch playing, then minimize the window!

How to Transpose Scorch Files Into a Different Key

You can transpose most but not all Scorch titles up or down into any key! There are 2 main advantages in being able to transpose. First, if you are singing along, you can move the music up or down to fit a range that is comfortable for your voice! Second, if a key signature is too difficult, you can transpose it to an easier key! In our example below, we are going to show you how to transpose a song that is in a difficult key signature, to a much easier key signature with the click of your mouse.

To transpose the sheet music click on the transpose button right above the music. When the transpose box opens up, select the `down`` option and choose `5 half steps down`. When you click on the OK - the score will immediately be rewritten into the key of C. (no sharps or flats). When you print the song again, it will print in the new key!

First, find the key you are in from The Circle of Fifths below, then find this key on the left column of the table below and then find the key you want on the top row of this table. The numbers in the intersecting box of this table tell you how many half-step to move up or down to change to the desired key.

circle of fifths

circle of fifths