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60 Progressive Piano Pieces You Like to Play : Piano Solo : Piano Solo : # ED1617
60 Progressive Piano Pieces You Like to Play : Piano Solo : Piano Solo : # ED1617

: 60 Progressive Piano Pieces You Like to Play : Piano Solo : Piano Solo : # ED1617

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60 Progressive Piano Pieces You Like to Play : Piano Solo By : Various Authors : Piano Collection Series : Piano Solo : Published by G. Schirmer; Inc. : # ED1617
60 Progressive Piano Pieces You Like to Play by : Various Authors

Contents: Brahms: Cardle Song; Waltz in Ab; Op. 39; No. 15 • J.S. Bach: Minuet; Prelude in C • Beethoven: Für Elise; Minuet in G; Sonatina No. 1 in G; Sonatina No. 2 in F • Schumann: The Merry Farmer; Soldiers' March; The Wild Horseman • Schubert: Serenade • Mendelssohn: Venetian Boat-Song No. 2 • Tchaikovsky: Christmas (“December” from The Seasons; Op. 37a; No. 12); None But the Lonely Heart • Haydn: Gypsy Rondo; Minuetto Giocoso • Case: Around the Hills • Godard: Au Matin; Op. 83; Second Mazurka in Bb; Op. 54 • Heller: L'Avalanche (Etude) • Offenbach: Barcarolle • Ijinsky: Berceuse (Lullaby) • Strauss: Blue Danube Waltz • Wagner: Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin) • Bilbro: The Busy Sawmill • Merkel: Butterfly; Op. 81; No. 4 • Richter: The Clock • Thompson: Copy Cat • Benda: Dark Eyes (Russian Folk Song) • Lively: Dreamland • Grieg: Elfin Dance • Bender: From a Birch Canoe • Davis: Indian Drum • Behr: In May; In the Gypsy Camp • Wright: Melody; Waltz; Veil Dance • Mozart: Minuet No. 1 • Hopson: Parade of the Midgets • Fisher: Pipes of Pan • Delibes: Pizzicati (Sylvia) • Chopin: Preludes; Op. 28; Nos. 6 and 7 • Kolling: Prestissimo (from Flying Leaves; Op. 147) • Howell: Rustic Dance • Thome: Simple Aveu • Munn: The Snake Charmer • Clementi: Sonatina; Op. 26; No. 1 • Ellmenreich: Spinning Song • Eckstein: Spooks • Adler: The Swimming Pool; Two Butterflies • Harker: Swinging in Fairyland • Rameau: Le Tambourin • Beaumont: Tarantella • Paradies: Toccata in A • Dutton: Under the Rose Arbor • Hobson: The Waterfall • Gwynn: Woodland Waltz.


PublisherG. Schirmer; Inc.
Format Piano Solo
Length x Width x Height12 x 9 x 0.51   inches
Shipping Weight1.54 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL50327360
UPC Code73999273601
ISBN 079352573X
EAN 9780793525737
1st Publication Date11/1986

Title:         Wedding March (Bridal Chorus)
Writer:       Richard Wagner
Title:         Toccata
Lyricist:     Berkeley ;  Bliss ;  Denisov ;  Gigout ;  Haines ;  Patrick Hawes
Writer:       Aram Khachaturian ;  Benjamin Lees ;  Berkeley ;  Bliss ;  Charles-Marie Widor ;  Denisov ;  Gigout ;  Haines ;  Jan Pieters Sweelinck ;  Johann Pachelbel ;  Patrick Hawes ;  Pietro Paradies [Paradisi]
Title:         Around The Hills
Writer:       Mabel Lewis Case
Title:         Au Matin; Op.83
Writer:       Benjamin Godard
Title:         Berceuse (Lullaby)
Writer:       A. Iljinsky
Title:         The Busy Saw-Mill
Writer:       Mathilde Bilbro
Title:         Butterfly; Op.81 #4
Writer:       Gustav Merkel
Title:         The Clock
Artist:       Thom Yorke
Lyricist:     Paul Simon ;  Thom Yorke
Writer:       Ada Richter ;  Paul Simon ;  Thom Yorke
Title:         Copy-Cat
Writer:       Audelle A. Thompson
Title:         Dreamland
Artist:       Alexis Ffrench ;  Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyricist:     Mary Chapin Carpenter
Writer:       Alexis Ffrench ;  Carolyn C. Setliff ;  Katharine A. Lively ;  Mary Chapin Carpenter
Title:         From A Birch Canoe
Writer:       Richard Bender
Title:         In The Gipsy Camp
Writer:       Franz Behr
Title:         Parade Of The Midgets
Writer:       Elizabeth Hopson
Title:         Pipes Of Pan
Writer:       Evalie Fisher
Title:         Prestissimo;From Flying Leaves;Op.147
Writer:       Carl Kolling
Title:         Second Mazurka in B flat;Op.54
Writer:       Benjamin Godard
Title:         Simple Aveu
Writer:       Francis Thome
Title:         The Swimming Pool
Writer:       Myra Adler
Title:         Swinging in Fairyland
Writer:       F.F.Harker
Title:         Two Butterflies
Writer:       Myra Adler
Title:         Under The Rose-Arbor
Writer:       Theodora Dutton
Title:         Veil Dance
Writer:       N.L.Wright
Title:         Waltz Op.32
Writer:       N.L.Wright
Title:         The Waterfall
Lyricist:     Mark Patterson
Writer:       Marie Hobson ;  Mark Patterson
Title:         Prelude In A Major; Op. 28; No. 7
Writer:       Frederic Chopin
Title:         Rustic Dance
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Bela Bartok ;  C. R. Howell ;  Paul Creston ;  Traditional
Title:         Waltz; Op. 39; No. 15
Writer:       Johannes Brahms
Title:         Barcarolle
Artist:       Andrea Bocelli ;  Tom Waits
Lyricist:     Jacques Offenbach ;  Jules Paul Barbier ;  Kathleen Brennan ;  Leo Delibes ;  Lutyens ;  Michael Carre ;  Tom Waits
Writer:       Eric Baumgartner (arr.) ;  Jacques Offenbach ;  Kathleen Brennan ;  Leo Delibes ;  Lutyens ;  Tom Waits ;  William Gillock
Title:         Melody
Artist:       The Rolling Stones
Lyricist:     Gluck ;  Jagger ;  Randy Goodrum ;  Richard ;  Sergei Rachmaninoff ;  Steve Perry
Writer:       Alexandre Tansman ;  Gluck ;  Jagger ;  Jascha Heifetz (arr.) ;  Karl Czerny ;  Randy Goodrum ;  Richard ;  Steve Perry
Title:         Lullaby (Cradle Song)
Writer:       Johannes Brahms
Title:         Spinning Song
Lyricist:     German Folksong
Writer:       Albert Ellmenreich ;  Eric Baumgartner (arr.) ;  Felix Mendelssohn ;  Friedrich Burgmuller ;  German Folksong ;  William Westney (ed.)
Title:         Tarantella
Lyricist:     Cheryl Lavender ;  Cole Porter ;  Lutoslawksi ;  Traditional
Writer:       Cheryl Lavender ;  Cole Porter ;  Fritz Spindler ;  Jennifer Linn ;  Joseph Low ;  Lutoslawksi ;  Sergei Prokofiev ;  Traditional ;  William Gillock
Title:         Snake Charmer
Artist:       Blink 182
Lyricist:     Mark Hoppus ;  Tom De Longe ;  Traditional Indian ;  Travis Barker
Writer:       Mark Hoppus ;  Tom De Longe ;  Traditional Indian ;  Travis Barker
Title:         The Beautiful Blue Danube; Op. 314
Writer:       Johann Strauss II
Title:         Dark Eyes
Artist:       Bob Dylan
Lyricist:     Bob Dylan ;  Russian Cabaret Song
Writer:       Bob Dylan ;  John Thompson (trans.) ;  Russian Cabaret Song ;  Russian Gipsy Folk-Song
Title:         Fur Elise; WoO 59
Writer:       Brenda Dillon (arr.) ;  Jennifer Linn (arr.) ;  Ludwig van Beethoven
Title:         Song Without Words; Op. 30; No. 6
Writer:       Felix Mendelssohn
Title:         Gypsy Rondo
Writer:       Franz Joseph Haydn
Title:         None But The Lonely Heart (Nur Wer Die Sehnsucht Kennt); Op. 6
Writer:       Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky
Title:         Serenade (Stšndchen)
Writer:       Franz Schubert
Title:         Soldiers' March (Soldatenmarsch); Op. 68; No. 2
Writer:       Robert Schumann
Title:         The Wild Horseman (Wilder Reiter); Op. 68; No. 8
Writer:       Robert Schumann
Title:         Christmas 'December;' Op. 37A; No. 12
Writer:       Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky
Title:         Indian Drum (K.K.Davis)
Title:         Spooks (M.Eckstein)
Title:         Woodland Waltz (F.Gwynn)
Title:         Minuet (Menuett) (Bach)
Title:         Minuet (Beethoven)
Title:         Le Tambourin
Writer:       Jean-Philippe Rameau
Title:         Sonatina (Clementi)
Title:         Sonatina (Beethoven)
Title:         Pizzicato (Sylvia - Delibes)
Title:         Prelude In B Minor; Op. 28; No. 6
Writer:       Frederic Chopin
Title:         Minuet (Mozart)
Title:         Merry Farmer; The
Title:         The Avalanche; Op. 45; No. 2
Writer:       Stephen Heller
Title:         In May
Title:         Prelude No. 1 In C Major; BWV 846
Writer:       Johann Sebastian Bach
Title:         Sonatina In F Major; Anh. 5; No. 2
Writer:       Ludwig van Beethoven
Title:         Minuetto Giocoso In C (Haydn)
Title:         Elfin Dance (Lyric P.) Grieg

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