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Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker - Download
Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker - Download

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker - Download

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Product Description
Using CD/DVD Label Maker you can create your own CD/DVD, CD jewel cases, and print direct to CD with the ultimate in ease and flexibility!
Using CD/DVD Label Maker you can create your own CD/DVD, CD jewel cases, and print direct to CD with the ultimate in ease and flexibility! If you're sick of guessing which songs are on which CD, get the CD label software that automatically puts your track list on your CD/DVD label! Chock full of custom art for holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, birthdays, vacations, weddings and more! Automatically imports your track information from Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, iTunes, WinAmp, Easy CD Creator or any other popular playlist or previously burnt CD. Print on standard paper, stock sticker labels, CD jewel case templates or print directly on a CD or DVD.

Step 1: Design your CD, jewel case, or DVD cover

Select from hundreds of provided designs and backgrounds or use your own.

CD/DVD Label Maker Step 1

Step 2: Print out your labels

Supports hundreds of brands and models of label stickers for CDs, DVDs, and mini-CDs.

CD/DVD Label Maker Step 2

Step 3: Or if you have a supported printer or LightScribe drive, print labels direct to CD

Print directly on CDs and DVDs using a variety of supported printers from Epson, HP, Canon, and more, or inscribe labels directly using your LightScribe drive.

CD/DVD Label Maker Step 3

Step 4: Print out CD jewel case or DVD cover

Supports CD jewel cases, DVD cases, and blu-ray cases; print on pre-perforated commercial papers or use plain paper.

CD/DVD Label Maker Step 4

System Requirements:
  • PentiumII-400
  • Win95/98/NT/2K/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • 64 MB Ram
  • Printer

YouTube Introduction


  • Print directly on CD surfaces using more than 100 supported printer models from Epson, HP, Canon, and more
  • Use LightScribe to etch labels directly onto your CD or DVD surface using your drive's laser (requires LightScribe drive and disc)
  • Print multiple LightScribe discs simultaneously - limited only by the number of LightScribe drives you've got attached to your computer
  • Design and print jewel cases, DVD cases, and blu-ray cases
  • Hundreds of brands and models of paper labels and insert papers supported
  • Printer alignment wizard allows automatic compensation for out-of-alignment printers; alignment can also be adjusted for individual paper types
  • Support for designing and printing all the miscellaneous spines & labels that get added to the corners of disc label papers
  • Optionally print borders or fold lines for inserts
  • Optionally fade the edges when printing on printable discs so that if your printer lacks perfect alignment, white edges around the disc look more natural
  • Automatic extra bleeding on paper labels and inserts to help compensate for wonky printer alignments
  • Real-time preview of all LightScribe disc colors; no need to launch a print-preview dialog to see how your LightScribe disc will look when you print it
  • Change your target paper type, disc template, etc. at any time - no need to lock in an output target when you create your project; you can design your CD label for, say, Neato paper, then decide to print it instead on Memorex paper, a printable disc, etc.

Tracks/Data Management

  • Import music playlists from iTunes, Windows Media Player, and many others
  • Automatically read song information directly off CDs via CD-Text, the FreeDB & MusicBrainz album databases, or (for data or MP3 discs) by reading files off the disc
  • Supports audio, data, and video playlist types
  • Tracks auto-formatter enables one-click arrangement of tracks into a variety of useful layouts, including spirals, multi-column formats, and more
  • One click to show or hide individual tracks fields (artist, title, etc.) or to hide or show tracks altogether
  • Tracks fields have individually editable formatting (you can have song titles in bold, artist names in italic, etc.)

Images & Artwork

  • Import your own images in JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF, PCX, and WMF formats, plus a variety of RAW formats
  • Export your label designs as JPEG, PNG, or BMP image files for use with other software or printing services
  • Hundreds of complete label designs and more than a thousand background images created exclusively for Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker users
  • Variety of image effects, including drop shadows, opacity, grayscale, brightness control
  • Designs, backgrounds, and user image browse/search results appear in a non-modal pane - you don't have to reopen a dialog each time you want to see how a different background or design looks (though the tools pane can be hidden if you need more space)
  • PNG image alpha channel transparency supported
  • Top-left-pixel-skip-color image transparency supported
  • Preserve-aspect-ratio option allows imported images to be resized either freely or preserving the image's original aspect ratio
  • Image-search feature finds images by name or file type anywhere on your computer
  • Variety of formats available when importing your own images as label backgrounds: stretch, overlap, underlap, and tiled (with variety of tiling options)
  • Image Search/Browse Pane right-click menus allow you to set any image as your label's background, or even your desktop wallpaper, with a single click


  • Circular and spiral text
  • Full control of text typefaces, font sizes, and effects (bold, italics, underline, strikeout, color, opacity, drop shadow); multiple typefaces, etc. can be used within a single text object
  • Additional text formatting options including margins, paragraph spacing, justification, text angle (in 90-degree increments)
  • Text word-wrapping feature lets you choose how you want text to wrap around a CD label's central hole (wrap around the left side, the right side, both sides, etc.)
  • Text Properties dialog lets you see your changes instantly - no need to close the dialog to see what effect your changes have made
  • Unicode aware - supports Asian fonts
  • Display text with opaque or transparent background, in speech or text bubbles


  • Use the "I need to make a label but I'm in a big hurry" wizard to create complete label sets in just a few steps using dozens of provided label themes (users can also save their own themes, which will subsequently appear in the wizard)
  • Click and drag text, images, and shapes to adjust their sizes and positions; size and position can also be locked to prevent accidental changes
  • Opacity control for all objects - text, images, and shapes
  • A variety of basic colored shape objects can be added to labels to create designs, patterns, or frames; users have control over color, size & position, opacity, drop shadow, regular/outline mode, aspect ratio mode
  • Layer feature: add, delete, hide, show, rearrange, and set opacity for all layers, and move objects (text, images, and shapes) between layers; blend-with-background-color feature allows you to add color casts to the background layer by adjusting its opacity
  • Support for 80-millimeter mini/pocket discs and jewel case inserts
  • Use the "Save As (Special)" menu option to save label designs as design templates that will subsequently appear in the Designs pane, allowing you to select them again with a single click
  • Any design can be set as the default design for a particular label type (i.e., CD, jewel case front, etc.), so labels in new projects will have that design applied to them as soon as they're created
  • Design your label on a screen that accurately models the label & hole size of your chosen paper type, disc-printing printer, etc. - no need to bring up a print-preview dialog to see what your design's actually going to look like once you print it
  • All the standard stuff you'd expect in a Windows app - save and restore projects, cut/copy/paste, hundreds of levels of undo/redo, drag and drop images from Windows Explorer

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