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American Folksongs & Spirituals : P/V/G : # 310138
American Folksongs & Spirituals : P/V/G : # 310138

American Folksongs & Spirituals : P/V/G : # 310138

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American Folksongs & Spirituals By : Various Authors : Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook Series : P/V/G : Published by Hal Leonard : # 310138
American Folksongs & Spirituals by : Various Authors

75 songs of American heritage; including: All The Pretty Little Horses • Arkansas Traveler • Aura Lee • Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair • The Blue Tail Fly • Buffalo Gals (Won't You Come Out Tonight) • Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie • Cotton Eyed Joe • Deep River • Down In The Valley • The Drunken Sailor • Git Along; Little Doggies • Home On The Range • Hush; Little Baby • I've Been Working On The Railroad • Joshua (Fit The Battle Of Jericho) • Never Said A Mumblin' Word • Oh! Susanna • Old Joe Clark • The Red River Valley • She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain • Shenandoah • Simple Gifts • Steal Away • The Streets Of Laredo • Wayfaring Stranger • and many more!


PublisherHal Leonard
Format P/V/G
Length x Width 12 x 9   inches
Shipping Weight1.41 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL310138
UPC Code73999207965
ISBN 793559219
EAN 9780793559213
1st Publication Date10/1996

Title:         Swing Low; Sweet Chariot
Artist:       Benny Goodman
Lyricist:     Moses Hogan ;  Traditional Spiritual
Writer:       Benny Goodman (arr.) ;  John Thompson (arr.) ;  Negro Spiritual ;  Peter Knight
Title:         Wayfaring Stranger
Artist:       Jack White ;  Johnny Cash
Lyricist:     Anthony Minghella (arr.) ;  John Jacob Niles ;  John Jacobson ;  Roger Emerson ;  Southern American Folk Hymn ;  T Bone Burnett (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       John Carter Cash (arr.) ;  John R. Cash (arr.)
Title:         The Wabash Cannon Ball
Lyricist:     Hobo Song
Title:         Somebody's Knockin' At Your Door
Lyricist:     African American Spiritual ;  African-American Spiritual
Writer:       Scott Atwood (arr.)
Title:         Soon I Will Be Done (Trouble Of The World)
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Title:         Steal Away (Steal Away To Jesus)
Lyricist:     Traditional Spiritual
Title:         This Little Light Of Mine
Artist:       Yo-Yo Ma
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Emily Crocker (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bill Harley ;  Kyle Sanna (arr.)
Title:         Simple Gifts
Artist:       Christopher Parkening
Lyricist:     American Folksong ;  Audrey Snyder (arr.) ;  Cristi Cary Miller (arr.) ;  Kathlyn Reynolds (arr.) ;  Mark Brymer ;  Shaker Song ;  Traditional Shaker Humn ;  Traditional Shaker Hymn
Writer:       Aaron Copland ;  Appalachian Folk Song ;  Dale Warland (arr.) ;  Joyce Valentine
Title:         The Lonesome Road
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Gene Austin
Writer:       Nathaniel Shilkret
Title:         All My Trials
Artist:       Peter; Paul & Mary
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Traditional Spiritual
Writer:       Milton Okun (arr.) ;  Paul Stookey (arr.) ;  Peter Yarrow (arr.)
Title:         All The Pretty Little Horses
Lyricist:     Brian Finley (arr.) ;  Southeastern American Folksong ;  Traditional American Folk Song ;  Traditional Lullaby
Writer:       American Folk Song ;  Jeffrey Douma (arr.) ;  Joyce Valentine
Title:         Frankie And Johnny
Artist:       Elvis Presley ;  Jimmie Rodgers
Lyricist:     Alex Gottlieb ;  Anonymous Blues Ballad ;  Ben Weisman ;  Fred Karger
Title:         Deep River
Artist:       Christopher Parkening
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Traditional
Writer:       John Leavitt (arr.) ;  John Thompson (arr.) ;  Negro Spiritual
Title:         Down In The Valley
Lyricist:     Mary Barrett ;  Traditional American Folksong
Writer:       F. Luther ;  Glenda Austin (arr.) ;  Leonard Daugherty
Title:         Skip To My Lou
Lyricist:     Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Turkey In The Straw
Lyricist:     American Folk Song ;  American Folksong
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         Animal Fair
Lyricist:     American Folksong
Title:         Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Writer:       Liam Noble ;  Traditional
Title:         When The Saints Go Marching In
Lyricist:     Katherine E. Purvis
Writer:       Carol Rosenstein ;  James M. Black ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Arkansas Traveler
Artist:       Chet Atkins
Lyricist:     Roy Lanham ;  Southern American Folksong
Title:         Home On The Range
Lyricist:     Dr. Brewster Higley ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Dan Kelly ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         I've Been Working On The Railroad
Lyricist:     American Folksong ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         Yankee Doodle Boy
Lyricist:     George M. Cohan
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         Aura Lee
Lyricist:     W.W. Fosdick
Writer:       George R. Poulton
Title:         Standin' In The Need Of Prayer (Standing In The Need Of Prayer)
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Title:         Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Artist:       Christopher Parkening
Lyricist:     Carl Davis ;  Traditional
Title:         There Is A Balm In Gilead
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Writer:       Hall Johnson (arr.)
Title:         The Red River Valley
Lyricist:     Traditional American Cowboy So
Title:         John Henry
Artist:       Earl Scruggs ;  John Fahey
Lyricist:     John Fahey (arr.) ;  West Virginia Folksong
Writer:       M. Christian (arr.)
Title:         Shoo Fly; Don't Bother Me
Lyricist:     Billy Reeves
Writer:       Frank Campbell
Title:         Polly Wolly Doodle
Lyricist:     Traditional American Minstrel
Title:         How Can I Keep From Singing
Artist:       Chris Tomlin ;  Enya
Lyricist:     Ed Cash ;  Matt Redman ;  Rev. Robert Lowry
Writer:       Nicky Ryan
Title:         Wondrous Love
Lyricist:     Betty Bertaux (arr.) ;  Early American Hymn ;  Southern American Folk Hymn
Title:         The Drunken Sailor
Lyricist:     American Sea Chantey
Title:         Let Us Break Bread Together
Lyricist:     Traditional Spiritual
Title:         Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
Lyricist:     John Jacob Niles ;  Southern Appalachian Folksong
Title:         The Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn)
Lyricist:     Daniel Decatur Emmett
Title:         Buffalo Gals (Won't You Come Out Tonight?)
Lyricist:     Cool White (John Hodges)
Title:         The Erie Canal
Lyricist:     American Folk Song ;  New York Work Song
Writer:       Cristi Cary Miller (arr.)
Title:         House Of The Rising Sun
Lyricist:     Southern American Folksong
Title:         Jacob's Ladder
Artist:       Bruce Hornsby & The Range ;  Huey Lewis & The News
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Bruce Hornsby ;  John Hornsby
Title:         Joshua (Fit The Battle Of Jericho)
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Title:         The Boll Weevil
Lyricist:     Texas Folksong
Title:         Shenandoah
Artist:       James Galway
Lyricist:     American Folksong ;  Anais Mitchell ;  Celius Dougherty ;  Kenneth Neufeld (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Traditional American Folksong
Writer:       Brandon Ridenour (arr.) ;  James Galway (arr.) ;  John Knowles (arr.) ;  Ryan Nowlin (arr.) ;  Tom Collins (arr.)
Title:         She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain
Lyricist:     John Higgins (arr.) ;  John Jacobson (arr.) ;  Traditional
Title:         On Top Of Old Smoky
Lyricist:     Kentucky Mountain Folksong
Writer:       Glenda Austin (arr.)
Title:         Cindy
Lyricist:     Southern Appalachian Folksong
Title:         He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Lyricist:     Fred King (arr.) ;  Traditional Spiritual
Title:         Hush; Little Baby
Lyricist:     Carolina Folk Lullaby ;  Traditional Text (alt.)
Writer:       Cristi Cary Miller ;  Glenda Austin (arr.)
Title:         (Oh; My Darling) Clementine
Lyricist:     Percy Montrose
Title:         Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens
Lyricist:     Kentucky Folksong
Title:         Cotton Eyed Joe
Lyricist:     Tennessee Folksong
Title:         The Cruel War Is Raging
Lyricist:     American Folksong
Title:         When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Artist:       Canadian Brass
Lyricist:     Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore
Writer:       Brandon Ridenour (arr.)
Title:         Li'l Liza Jane (Go Li'l Liza)
Lyricist:     Countess Ada De Lachau
Title:         Old Joe Clark
Lyricist:     Tennessee Folksong
Title:         Rock-A-My Soul
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Title:         There Is A Tavern In The Town
Lyricist:     Traditional Drinking Song
Title:         Every Time I Feel The Spirit
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Title:         Short'nin' Bread
Lyricist:     Plantation Song
Writer:       John Thompson (arr.)
Title:         Jesse James
Lyricist:     Missouri Folksong
Title:         Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Lyricist:     E.H. Chapin
Writer:       Ossian N. Dodge
Title:         Oh! Susanna
Lyricist:     Stephen C. Foster
Title:         The Old Chisholm Trail
Lyricist:     Texas Cowboy Song
Title:         Once I Had A Sweetheart
Lyricist:     Southern Appalachian Folksong
Title:         Seeing Nellie Home
Lyricist:     J. Fletcher
Writer:       Frances Kyle
Title:         Sourwood Mountain
Lyricist:     Southern Appalachian Folksong
Title:         Streets Of Laredo (The Cowboy's Lament)
Lyricist:     Alan Lomax ;  John A. Lomax
Title:         Sweet Betsy From Pike
Lyricist:     American Folksong
Title:         Oh Freedom
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Title:         Git Along; Little Dogies
Lyricist:     Alan Lomax ;  John A. Lomax
Title:         High Barbaree
Lyricist:     Charles Dibdin
Title:         Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Title:         Blow The Candles Out
Lyricist:     American Folksong
Title:         Never Said A Mumblin' Word (He Never Said A Mumblin' Word)
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual

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