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Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 2 : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : (arr. Max Spicker) : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : # ED523
Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 2 : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : (arr. Max Spicker) : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : # ED523

Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 2 : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : (arr. Max Spicker) : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : # ED523

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Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 2 : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : (arr. Max Spicker), : Max Spicker : Various Authors : Vocal Collection Series : Mezzo-Soprano/Alto : Published by G. Schirmer; Inc. : # ED523
Anthology of Sacred Song - Volume 2 by : Max Spicker : Various Authors

Contents: Bach: Prepare thyself; Zion • Slumber; beloved; and take thy repose - Benedict: Father; whose blessing we entreat • O Thou afflicted - Bennett: O Lord; Thou hast searched me out - Blumner: My warning heed..Thine; O Saviour; is love unending - Costa: Lord; from my bed again I rise • It is a good thing to give thanks..This night I lift my heart to Thee - Cowen: Like as a father pitieth his children - Dvorak: Within what gloomy depths forest..Thy leading would had not followed - Gade: O; with pure devotion • When onward I am gazing - Gaul: Eye hath not seen • Now go your ways; my daughters well- beloved..O gracious Lord; cast down Thine eyes • Thou art the guide of our youth - Handel: O Judah; Judah! chosen seed!..O Lord; whom we adore • Great Prophetess! my soul's on fire..In the battle; fame pursuing • The smiling hours; a joyful train • Thou shalt bring them in • But who is this? tremendous to behold..Awful; pleasing being; say • Now give the army breath..Heroes; when with glory burning • Father of heav'n! From Thy eternal throne • Behold a virgin shall conceive..O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion • He was despised and rejected • Return; O God of Hosts • O Lord; whose mercies numberless • What tho' I trace each herb and flower • A love like mine; so faithful..When first I saw my lovely maid • Lord; to Thee; each night and day - Kiel: He was oppress'd and afflicted sore • For my soul is athirst for God • Turn again to thy rest - Mackenzie: Gladness is taken away - Marechal: He is dead the child I cherish!..One would say; he reposes - Mendelssohn: O rest in the Lord • And he journeyed with companions..But the Lord is mindful of His own - Parry: The Lord is long-suffering and merciful - Raff: Thrust in Thy sickle; and reap..Great and wonderful are all Thy works • Behold; the House of God is with men - Reinthaler: The Lord will not be ever wroth - Saint-Saëns: Patiently have I waited for the Lord • Thou; O Lord; art my protector - Sullivan: The Lord is risen • Love is not the world - Vierling: From swarming Highways I now have escaped..Lord; for whom my soul is burning - Williams: As Thou wilt; Father.


PublisherG. Schirmer; Inc.
Format Mezzo-Soprano/Alto
Length x Width 10.7 x 7.5   inches
Shipping Weight1.57 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL50325790
UPC Code73999257908
ISBN 1476811946
EAN 9781476811949
1st Publication Date11/1986

Title:         Eye Hath Not Seen (Gaul A)
Title:         My Soul Is Athirst For God(Kiel)
Title:         O Rest In The Lord
Writer:       Felix Mendelssohn
Title:         Slumber Beloved Take Repos(Bach)
Title:         O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings (Handel)
Title:         He Was Despised (Handel)
Title:         O Lord; Whom We Adore (Handel)
Title:         O; With Pure Devotion (Gade)
Title:         When Onward I Am Gazing (Gade)
Title:         PREPARE THYSELF; ZION (BACH-Christmas Oratorio)
Title:         Patiently Have I Waited For Lord
Title:         He Was Oppress'd & Afflictd(Kiel
Title:         Lord;For Whom My Soul Is Burning
Title:         In Battle Fame Pursuing (Handel)
Title:         Lord From My Bed Again (Costa M)
Title:         This Night I Lift My Heart(Costa
Title:         Thine;O Saviour;Is Love Unending
Title:         As Thou Wilt; Father (Williams)
Title:         Thou; O Lord; Art My Protector
Writer:       Camille Saint-Saens
Title:         Smiling Hours A Joyful Tr(Handel
Title:         Thou Shalt Bring Them In
Writer:       George Frideric Handel
Title:         Lord Will Not Be Ever Wroth;The
Title:         Awful;Pleasing Being;Say(Handel)
Title:         Heroes When With Glory Burning (Handel)
Title:         Fr Of Heav'n Frm Thy Et Throne
Title:         Lord Is Long-Suffering&Merciful
Title:         Lord Is Risen;The (Sullivan)
Title:         One Would Say; He Reposes
Title:         Love Not The World (Sullivan)
Title:         Gladness Is Taken Away
Title:         Like As A Fr Pitieth His Childr
Title:         O Grac.Lord;Cast Down Thine(Gaul
Title:         Return; O God Of Hosts (Handel-Sampson)
Title:         O Lord;Whose Mercies Numberless
Title:         What Tho' I Trace Each Herb&Flwr
Title:         Turn Again To Thy Rest (Kiel)
Title:         Father;Whose Blessing We Entreat
Title:         Thy Leading Would I Had (Dvorak)
Title:         But The Lord Is Mindful Of His Own (Mendelssohn)
Title:         O Thou Afflicted (Benedict)
Title:         When First I Saw My Lovly Maid
Title:         Thou Art Guide Of Our Youth(Gaul
Title:         Lord; To Thee; Each Night & Day
Title:         O Lord;Thou Hast Searched Me Out
Title:         Great Wonderful Thy Works (Raff)
Title:         Behold House Of God Is With(Raff

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