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Antologia - Volume 1 : Guitar Solo : (Anzaghi) : Guitar Solo : # R130034
Antologia - Volume 1 : Guitar Solo : (Anzaghi) : Guitar Solo : # R130034, Sheet Music

Antologia - Volume 1 : Guitar Solo : (Anzaghi) : Guitar Solo : # R130034

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Antologia - Volume 1 : Guitar Solo : (Anzaghi), : L Anzaghi : Various Authors : Guitar Collection Series : Guitar Solo : Published by Ricordi : # R130034
Antologia - Volume 1 by : L Anzaghi : Various Authors

Contents: AGUADO: Esercizio; Esercizio a Due Voci; Lezione; Minuetto in C; Study in A Minor; Study in G • ANZAGHI: A Rimpiattino; Solitudine; Studio in Sol Minore; Tema e Variazione; Tempi Lontani • J.S.BACH: Invention in A Minor (Duet); Invention in C (Duet); Invention in D Minor (Duet); Invention in F (Duet) • BUTTSTEDT: Minuet • CARCASSI: Andantino; Larghetto in C; Studio; Studio in A Minor; Waltz • CARULLI: Allegretto; Andante; Andante Grazioso; Andante in A Minor; Andante in D; Andante in F; Divertimento; Minuetto in E; Poco Allegretto in E; Rondo; Tema e Variazioni; Valzer in A; Valzer in E; Valzer in G; Waltz • DIABELLI: Minuet • DONNADIEU: Allegretto in D • FARRAUTO: Valzer • GIULIANI: Allegretto; Allegretto in A; Allegretto in D; Allegretto in F; Allegretto in G; Allegretto in G Minor; Allegro in A Minor; Allegro Spiritoso in F; Andante Mosso in D; Andantino; Andantino in D Minor; Andantino in F; Danze Nord in E Minor; Grazioso in A; Grazioso in A Minor; Maestoso; Tempo di Polacca • LEGNANI: Capriccio in B Flat; Capriccio in D; Capriccio in D Minor • MILAN: Pavana • MOLINO: Andante • PAGANINI: Andantino in A Minor; Andantino in D; Minuetto • SCHUMANN: Moderato • SOR: Allegretto in D; Andante; Andante in A Minor; Minuetto in C; Moderato; Studio in A Minor; Studio in B Flat; Studio in B Minor; Studio in C; Studio in D Minor; Studio in D; • STANLEY: Invenzione • TELEMANN: Bourree • VISEE: Giga in D Minor; Minuetto in A; Minuetto in D Minor; Preludio; Sarabanda.


Format Guitar Solo
Length x Width 11.7 x 8.25   inches
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East Coast Music Product Code ZHL50018250
UPC Code73999148916
ISBN 1458417255
EAN 9781458417251
1st Publication Date11/1986

Title:         Andantino
Writer:       Daniel G.Turk ;  Franz Schubert ;  Giuliani ;  John Corigliano ;  John Thompson ;  Matteo Carcassi ;  Mauro Giuseppe Sergio Pantaleo
Title:         Minuet
Lyricist:     Bach ;  Schubert
Writer:       Charles Henry Wilton ;  Christian Petzold ;  Franz Joseph Haydn ;  George Frideric Handel ;  Henry Purcell ;  Jeremiah Clarke ;  Johann Krieger ;  Johann Sebastian Bach ;  John Philipp Kirnberger ;  Luigi Boccherini ;  Octavio Pinto ;  Robert De Visee ;  Samuel Barber ;  Vissarion Shebalin ;  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Title:         Allegretto
Writer:       Fernando Carulli ;  Mauro Guiliani ;  Norman Dello Joio ;  P.M. Stouffer (arr.) ;  W.A. Mozart
Title:         Study In A Minor
Writer:       Dionysio Aguado ;  Fernando Sor ;  Matteo Carcassi
Title:         Andante
Writer:       Antonio Vivaldi ;  Bernhard Heiden ;  Christoph Willibald Gluck ;  Fernando Carulli ;  Franz Joseph Haydn ;  Franz Schubert ;  Gaetano Donizetti ;  George Frideric Handel ;  J. J. Quantz ;  Peter Il'yich Tchaikovsky ;  Sergei Prokofiev
Title:         Bourree
Writer:       Anonymous ;  George Frideric Handel ;  Graf Bergen ;  Johann Sebastian Bach ;  Robert de Visee
Title:         Study In D
Writer:       Fernando Sor ;  Mauro Giuliani
Title:         Maestoso (M.Giuliani)
Title:         Lezione (D.Aguado)
Title:         Esercizio (Aguado)
Title:         Preludio (Visee)
Title:         Esercizio A Due Voci (Aguado)
Title:         Bourree (Telemann)
Title:         Andante (Molino)
Title:         Tempi Lontani (L.O.Anzaghi)
Title:         Divertimento (Carulli)
Title:         Tempo Di Polacca (Giuliani)
Title:         Sarabanda (Visee)
Title:         Moderato (Schumann)
Title:         A Rimpiattino (L.O.Anzaghi)
Title:         Solitudine (L.O.Anzaghi)
Title:         Andante Grazioso (Carulli)
Title:         Tema E Variazioni (Carulli)
Title:         Studio (Carcassi)
Title:         Studio In Sol Minore (Anzaghi)
Title:         Tema E Variazione (L.0.Anzaghi)
Title:         Invenzione (I.Stanley)
Title:         Studio In C (Sor)
Title:         Valzer (G.Farrauto)
Title:         Minuetto (Paganini)
Title:         Minuetto (Paganini)
Title:         Minuetto In D Min. (Visee)
Title:         Andante In A Min. (Sor)
Title:         Andante In A Min. (Carulli)
Title:         Rondo (Carulli)
Title:         Andante In F (Carulli)
Title:         Valzer In A (Carulli)
Title:         Valzer In G (Carulli)
Title:         Valzer In E (Carulli)
Title:         Andantino In D Min. (Giuliani)
Title:         Minuetto In A (Visee)
Title:         Allegretto In G (Giuliani)
Title:         Allegretto In F (Giuliani)
Title:         Andante In D (Carulli)
Title:         Andantino In F (Giuliani)
Title:         Allegretto In G Min. (Giuliani)
Title:         Allegretto In D (Sor)
Title:         Allegretto In D (Giuliani)
Title:         Minuetto In E (Carulli)
Title:         Studio In A Min. (Carcassi)
Title:         Larghetto In C (Carcassi)
Title:         Allegretto In D (Donnadieu)
Title:         Poco Allegretto In E (Carulli)
Title:         Capriccio In D (Legnani)
Title:         Studio In B Minor (Sor)
Title:         Giga In D Min. (Visee)
Title:         Andante Mosso In D (Giuliani)
Title:         Grazioso In A Min. (Giuliani)
Title:         Andantino In D (Paganini)
Title:         Andantino In A Min. (Paganini)
Title:         Allegro Spiritoso
Writer:       Giovanni Battista Pergolesi ;  Jean Baptiste Senaille ;  Mauro Giuliani
Title:         Grazioso In A (Giuliani)
Title:         Allegretto In A (Giuliani)
Title:         Allegro In A Min. (Giuliani)
Title:         Andante In F (Carulli)
Title:         Studio In A Min. (Sor)
Title:         Capriccio In D Min. (Legnani)
Title:         Studio In D Min. (Sor)
Title:         Minuetto In C (Sor)
Title:         Minuetto In C (Aguado)
Title:         Capriccio In B Flat (Legnani)
Title:         Studio In B Flat (Sor)
Title:         Danze Nord In E Min. (Giuliani)
Title:         Invention In A Min.(Duet) Bach
Title:         Invention In C (Duet) Bach
Title:         Invention In F (Duet) Bach
Title:         Invention In D Min.(Duet) Bach
Title:         Waltz (Carulli)
Title:         Andantino In C
Writer:       Mateo Carcassi
Title:         Andante (Sor)

Waltz (Carcassi)
Study In G (Aguado)
Minuet (Buttstedt)
Pavana (Milan)
Minuet (Diabelli)
Moderato (Sor)
Rondo (Carulli)

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