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Avalanche (Conductor Score & Parts) (String Orchestra), #YL00-24948 By Michael Hopkins

Avalanche (Conductor Score & Parts) (String Orchestra), #YL00-24948 By Michael Hopkins

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Product Description
Avalanche (Conductor Score & Parts) (String Orchestra), #YL00-24948 : By Michael Hopkins : String Orchestra : Conductor Score & Parts : Highland/Etling String Orchestra : 1.5

Avalanche is an expressive and energetic original composition for beginning orchestra that is also a wonderful teaching piece for bow distribution, lifts, retakes, and string crossing. The 'avalanche' motives feature descending octave leaps and descending scale patterns that make string crossings accessible to beginners. Violins and violas make frequent use of the 4th finger. The piece is a great introduction to B-flat, C and F naturals to modulate from D major to D minor. All parts are playable in first position (some half position for bass), and there are no cello extensions or high 3rd fingers for violin or viola.


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PublisherAlfred Publishing
Format Conductor Score & Parts
Instrument String Orchestra
Category String Orchestra
Level 1.5
Shipping Weight1.02   lbs
Alfred Publishing Item 00-24948
Product Code YL00-24948
UPC Code38081271194
Grade Description-1.5

Michael Hopkins : Composer

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