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Avid Sibelius AudioScore Ultimate 8 Download
Avid Sibelius Audioscore Ultimate 8

Avid Sibelius AudioScore Ultimate 8 Download

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Product Description
Sibelius Audioscore Ultimate 8

Create scores from a variety of sources

Polyphonic Transcription - See how the performance in the top has been notated

AudioScore Ultimate is the full-featured version of the AudioScore Lite audio transcription software included with Sibelius. With it, you can turn recorded audio or a MIDI or live mic performance into transcribed music notation.

Get better accuracy

With version 8, AudioScore's audio recognition engine has been completely re-engineered to provide better music precision and detail. Get improved recognition of multiple overlapping notes. Minimize interference caused by drum and percussion sounds. And experience superior pitch recognition and note separation.

Work faster and easier

Easily create scores from transcribed notes. AudioScore will automatically detect all instrumentation and create a score with staves labeled for each part. Play back note selections in high-quality audio. Save scores as PDFs for easy printing. And work with Sibelius 8.

Transcribe CDs and MP3s

With AudioScore Ultimate, you can open a CD track or MP3 file and transcribe it to a score. The software employs the most intelligent technology available today to convert up to 16 instruments or notes at a time into multiple staves, with up to four voices per staff.

After transcribing your music, you can send it directly to Sibelius or save it as a MusicXML, NIFF, or MIDI file for use in most other music programs. You can also print a professional-quality score directly from AudioScore.

View, edit, and play back nuanced performances

AudioScore Ultimate enables you to view, play, and edit the most intricate nuances of a performance-such as the subtle changes in pitch, volume, and timing.

You can also produce new versions of music using MIDI instruments-you choose which ones. AudioScore analyzes the original music in great detail, and plays it back with tremendous realism. Open one of your favorite songs and enjoy hearing it performed by a brass band or string quartet.

AudioScore recognizes:

  • Styles ranging from solo and chamber music to jazz and pop
  • A wide range of music performed by non-percussion instruments
  • All pitches ranging from F0 to C8
  • Notes from chords that even the ear cannot distinguish
  • Moderate sustain or reverb
  • Triplets, duplets, key signatures, and clefs
  • Pitch and volume changes at a resolution of 0.01 secs
  • Instrument audio characteristics for chromatic visualization

AudioScore also transcribes notes and rests as short as a 32nd note

Perform directly into Sibelius with a mic

With AudioScore Ultimate, you can create musical scores by singing or playing into your computer using only a microphone-no prior musical knowledge required.

AudioScore Ultimate provides instant graphical feedback about the pitch of your performance over time, so you can see mistakes and make adjustments while performing. Train to sing and play more accurately in tune and immediately see the improvements on screen. There’s even a built-in metronome if you need it.

Convert MIDI files to scores

Open MIDI files in AudioScore Ultimate to automatically create high-quality, printable scores.

Create scores by hand-no expertise needed

AudioScore Ultimate can "serve" you a set of notes, which you can quickly split, join, resize, and adjust pitch, purely on a performance level-no worrying about rests and technicalities such as the key signature, accidentals, augmentation dots, beaming, ties, etc.

For more details, visit the Neuratron AudioScore Ultimate page.

Feature comparison

Take a look at the advantages of AudioScore Ultimate over AudioScore Lite.

AudioScore Lite


Max simultaneous instruments/notes recognized

2 16

Opens MP3 files

no yes

Opens music direct from CD

yes yes

MIDI keyboard entry (with sophisticated rhythm detection)

no yes

Opens MIDI files (MIDI-to-score-conversion)

no yes

Visualize, edit & play back pitch & amplitude nuances



Compound time signatures



Clef types



Shortest note value



Maximum voices per track



Maximum tracks per score



Transposes in AudioScore itself

no yes

System Requirements


  • IBM-compatible Pentium IV (or equivalent AMD processor) or higher PC; Intel dual- or quad-core 2.66 GHz or faster processor recommended
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Windows Vista, 7, or 8
  • DirectX version 8.1 or higher must be installed for recording from your microphone/sound card
  • 200 MB available hard disk space (more recommended)
  • (Optional) A microphone connected to your computer's microphone input or USB port


  • Apple Macintosh Intel with Mac OS X 10.6.7 or; Intel dual- or quad-core 2.66 GHz or faster processor recommended
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 200 MB available hard disk space (more recommended)
  • Apple Preview or Adobe Reader 6.0 or later for viewing AudioScore’s PDF help
  • (Optional) A microphone connected to your computer's microphone input or USB port