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Complete Folksong Arrangements : 61 Songs for Medium/Low Voice : Benjamin Britten/edited by Richard Walters : Medium/Low Voice : # M051933754
Complete Folksong Arrangements : 61 Songs for Medium/Low Voice : Benjamin Britten/edited by Richard Walters : Medium/Low Voice : # M051933754

Complete Folksong Arrangements : 61 Songs for Medium/Low Voice : Benjamin Britten/edited by Richard Walters : Medium/Low Voice : # M051933754

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Complete Folksong Arrangements : 61 Songs for Medium/Low Voice : Benjamin Britten/edited by Richard Walters, : Benjamin Britten : Richard Walters : Boosey & Hawkes Voice Series : Medium/Low Voice : Published by Boosey & Hawkes : # M051933754
Complete Folksong Arrangements by : Benjamin Britten : Richard Walters

This landmark publication includes 61 songs; combining the contents of the seven published books of Britten folksong arrangements in High and Low Voice editions. Some of the songs have never before been transposed. The songs of Volume 6; for voice and guitar; have been transcribed for voice and piano for this edition.

“Editor Richard Walters has done a splendid job of bringing this collection to publication; not only assembling the material but also writing an excellent; informative; and thought provoking Preface that gives insight into Britten's life and work...Having all these songs together in one volume is a real boon to voice teachers and students alike; not to mention accompanists...All music libraries and voice studios will want to own this collection.”--Journal of Singing

Contents: VOLUME 1: BRITISH ISLES: The Salley Gardens • Little Sir William • The Bonny Earl o' Moray • O Can Ye Sew Cushions? • The Trees They Grow So High • The Ash Grove • Oliver Cromwell • VOLUME 2: FRANCE: La Noel Passee • Voici le Printemps • Fileuse • Le Roi s'en va-t'en Chasse • La Belle est au Jardin d'amour • Il es quelqu'un sur terre • Eho! Eho! • Quand j'etais chez mon pere • VOLUME 3: BRITISH ISLES: The Plough Boy • There's none to Soothe • Sweet Polly Oliver • The Miller of Dee • The Foggy; Foggy Dew • O Waly; Waly • Come you not from Newcastle? • VOLUME 4: MOORE'S IRISH MELODIES: Avenging and Bright • Sail on; Sail on • How Sweet the Answer • The Minstrel Boy • At the Mid Hour of Night • Rich and Rare • Dear Harp of my Country! • Oft in the Stilly Night • The Last rose of Summer • O the Sight Entrancing • VOLUME 5: BRITISH ISLES: The Brisk Young Widow • Sally in Our Alley • The Lincolnshire Poacher • Early One Morning • Ca' the Yowes • VOLUME 6: ENGLAND: I Will Give My Love an Apple • Sailor-boy • Master Kilby • The Soldier and the Sailor • Bonny at Morn • The Shooting of His Dear • EIGHT FOLKSONG ARRANGEMENTS (1976): Lord! I Married Me a Wife •

. . . . Sample Audio & etc. . . .

The Brisk Young Widow - Full Performance
There's none to soothe - Full Performance
The Salley Gardens - Full Performance
Sweet Polly Oliver - Full Performance
Early One Morning - Full Performance
The Ash Grove - Full Performance
Sailor-boy-Full Performance
Master Kilby-Full Performance
The last rose of summer-Full Performance
I will give my love an apple-Full Performance
Bonny at morn - Full Performance
At the mid hour of night - Full Performance

On the Recordings (continued): On the Recordings: Preface to Tom Bowling Notes on the Songs Preface Contents Back Cover Front Cover


PublisherBoosey & Hawkes
Format Medium/Low Voice
Length x Width x Height12 x 9 x 0.608   inches
Shipping Weight2.11 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL48018782
UPC Code73999488128
ISBN 1423421574
EAN 9.78142E+12
1st Publication Date08/2006

Title:         O Waly; Waly
Lyricist:     English Folksong
Writer:       Benjamin Britten (arr.)
Title:         Greensleeves
Artist:       James Galway ;  Jeff Beck ;  Jeff Beck Group ;  John Coltrane ;  Mannheim Steamroller ;  Pentatonix
Lyricist:     Ben Bram (arr.) ;  Howarth ;  James Taylor ;  Jeff Beck ;  Jone ;  Pentatonix (arr.) ;  Philip Lawson (arr.) ;  R. Overton (Arranger) ;  Rod Stewart ;  Traditional ;  Traditional English ;  16th Century Trad. English
Writer:       Benjamin Britten (arr.) ;  Chip Davis ;  Giovanni De Chiaro (arr.) ;  Howarth ;  James Taylor ;  Jeff Beck ;  John Coltrane ;  Jone ;  McCoy Tyner (Arr.) ;  Philip Lawson (arr.) ;  R. Overton (Arranger) ;  Rod Stewart ;  Traditional ;  Traditional English ;  Traditional Folk Song ;  Vince Guaraldi (arr.) ;  16th Century Trad. English
Title:         David of the White Rock
Title:         Dink's Song
Artist:       Bob Dylan
Lyricist:     Bob Dylan
Writer:       Bob Dylan
Title:         Early one morning
Title:         Sally in our alley
Title:         Oft in the stilly night
Title:         The Ash Grove
Artist:       Katherine Jenkins
Lyricist:     Ben Robbins ;  Hawes ;  Juliette Pochin ;  Old Welsh Air ;  Philip Lawson ;  Rodney Bennett
Writer:       Ben Robbins ;  Benjamin Britten ;  Hawes ;  Juliette Pochin ;  Old Welsh Air ;  Old Welsh Melody ;  Philip Lawson ;  Roger Quilter (arr.) ;  Welsh Tune
Title:         Ca' the yowes
Title:         Tom Bowling
Writer:       Charles Dibdin
Title:         Pray goody
Title:         Sailor-boy
Title:         Bonny at morn (volume 6)
Title:         Avenging and bright
Title:         There's none to soothe
Title:         Sweet Polly Oliver
Writer:       Benjamin Britten (arr.) ;  Old English Tune
Title:         Sail on; sail on
Title:         How sweet the answer
Title:         At the mid hour of night
Title:         Rich and rare
Title:         Dear harp of my country
Title:         O the sight entrancing
Title:         Eho! Eho!
Title:         Fileuse
Title:         Quand j'etais chez mon pere
Title:         Voici le printemps
Title:         Il est quelqu'en sur terre
Title:         I wonder as I wander
Title:         The Holly and the Ivy
Title:         Little Sir William
Title:         The Bonny Earl o' Moray
Title:         O can ye sew cushions
Title:         The trees they grow so high
Title:         Oliver Cromwell
Title:         La Noel passee
Title:         Le roi s'en va-t'en chasse
Title:         The Plough Boy
Title:         The Miller of Dee
Title:         The Foggy; Foggy Dew
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Traditional
Title:         Come you not from Newcastle?
Title:         The Minstrel Boy
Title:         The last rose of summer
Title:         The Brisk Young Widow
Lyricist:     Howells
Writer:       Benjamin Britten (arr.) ;  Howells
Title:         The Lincolnshire Poacher
Title:         I will give my love an apple
Title:         Master Kilby
Writer:       Benjamin Britten (arr.) ;  Folk Song from Somerset ;  Richard Walters (trans.)
Title:         The Soldier and the Sailor
Title:         Bonny at morn (1976)
Title:         I was lonely and forlorn
Title:         The False Knight upon the Road
Title:         Bird Scarer's Song
Title:         The Crocodile
Lyricist:     Traditional Folksong
Writer:       Traditional Folksong
Title:         The Deaf Woman's Courtship
Title:         Soldier; won't you marry me?
Title:         The Stream in the Valley
Title:         She's like the swallow
Title:         La belle est au jardin d'amour
Title:         The Shooting of His Dear
Title:         Lord! I married me a wife
Title:         Lemady
Title:         The Salley Gardens
Lyricist:     W.B. Yeats
Writer:       Benjamin Britten (arr.) ;  Irish Tune

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