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Cuba : La Edad De Oro (The Golden Age) : P/V/G : # 310695
Cuba : La Edad De Oro (The Golden Age) : P/V/G : # 310695

Cuba : La Edad De Oro (The Golden Age) : P/V/G : # 310695

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Cuba : La Edad De Oro (The Golden Age) By : Various Authors : Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook Series : P/V/G : Published by Hal Leonard : # 310695
Cuba by : Various Authors

This terrific collection includes 27 classic Cuban songs from the 1930s-1950s; when Havana was the center of the entertainment universe; and mambos and cha-cha-chas reigned in the dancehalls. Includes an interesting introduction in both English and Spanish; and photos of the artists represented; including Pérez Prado; Beny Moré; Electo Rosel; Isolina Carrillo and many others. Songs include: Aquellos Ojos Verdes • Babalú • Bilongo • Contigo En La Distancia • Dos Gardenias • La Sopa En Botella • La Última Noche • Malagueña • Mambo #5 • Nosotros • Quizás; Quizás; Quizás • Tres Palabras • Tú; Mi Delirio • and more.


PublisherHal Leonard
Format P/V/G
Length x Width x Height12 x 9 x 0.326   inches
Shipping Weight1.02 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL310695
UPC Code73999106954
ISBN 634021958
EAN 9780634021954
1st Publication Date10/2001

Title:         Malaguena
Lyricist:     Ernesto Lecuona
Writer:       Ernesto Lecuona
Title:         Babalu
Artist:       Desi Arnaz
Lyricist:     Margarita Lecuona
Writer:       Margarita Lecuona
Title:         Inolvidable
Artist:       Luis Miguel
Lyricist:     Julio Gutierrez
Writer:       Julio Gutierrez
Title:         Almendra
Artist:       Orquesta Aragon
Lyricist:     Abelardo Valdes
Writer:       Abelardo Valdes
Title:         Bilongo
Artist:       Tito Rodriguez
Lyricist:     Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe
Writer:       Guillermo Rodriguez Fiffe
Title:         Contigo En La Distancia
Artist:       Olga Guillot
Lyricist:     Cesar Portillo de la Luz
Writer:       Cesar Portillo de la Luz
Title:         Echale Salsita
Lyricist:     Ignacio Pineiro
Writer:       Ignacio Pineiro
Title:         La Enganadora
Artist:       Orquesta America
Lyricist:     Enrique Jorrin
Writer:       Enrique Jorrin
Title:         Los Tamalitos de Olga
Artist:       Jose Fajardo
Lyricist:     Jose A. Fajardo
Writer:       Jose A. Fajardo
Title:         Son De La Loma
Lyricist:     Miguel Matamoros
Writer:       Miguel Matamoros
Title:         ? Y Tu Que Has Hecho?
Artist:       Buena Vista Social Club ;  Pablo Milanes
Lyricist:     Eusebio Delfin
Writer:       Eusebio Delfin
Title:         La Ultima Noche
Lyricist:     Roberto (Bobby) Collazo
Writer:       Roberto (Bobby) Collazo
Title:         Quizas; Quizas; Quizas (Perhaps; Perhaps; Perhaps)
Lyricist:     Joe Davis ;  Osvaldo Farres
Writer:       Osvaldo Farres
Title:         Tu; Mi Delirio
Lyricist:     Cesar Portillo de la Luz
Writer:       Cesar Portillo de la Luz
Title:         Always In My Heart (Siempre En Mi Corazon)
Artist:       Glenn Miller
Lyricist:     Ernesto Lecuona ;  Kim Gannon
Writer:       Ernesto Lecuona
Title:         Social Club Buena Vista
Artist:       Buena Vista Social Club
Lyricist:     Israel Lopez
Writer:       Israel Lopez
Title:         Dos Gardenias
Artist:       Buena Vista Social Club
Lyricist:     Isolina Carillo
Writer:       Isolina Carillo
Title:         Murmullo
Artist:       Buena Vista Social Club
Lyricist:     Electo Rosell
Writer:       Electo Rosell
Title:         A Toda Cuba Le Gusta
Lyricist:     Antonio Maria Romeu ;  Remberto Becker
Writer:       Antonio Maria Romeu ;  Remberto Becker
Title:         Francisco Guayabal
Lyricist:     Wilfrido (Pio) Leiva
Writer:       Wilfrido (Pio) Leiva
Title:         La Sopa En Botella
Lyricist:     Senen Suarez
Writer:       Senen Suarez
Title:         Maracaibo Oriental
Lyricist:     Jose A. Castaneda
Writer:       Jose A. Castaneda
Title:         Maria Cristina
Lyricist:     Antonio Fernandez
Writer:       Antonio Fernandez
Title:         Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Green Eyes)
Artist:       Jimmy Dorsey
Lyricist:     Adolfo Utrera ;  E. Rivera ;  E. Woods
Writer:       Nilo Menendez
Title:         Nosotros
Lyricist:     Pedro Junco; Jr.
Writer:       Pedro Junco; Jr.
Title:         Tres Palabras (Without You)
Lyricist:     Osvaldo Farres ;  Ray Gilbert
Writer:       Osvaldo Farres
Title:         Mambo #5
Artist:       Perez Prado & His Orchestra
Lyricist:     Damaso Perez Prado
Writer:       Damaso Perez Prado

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