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Desert Sands (Sheet) (Piano), #YL00-22444 By Joyce Schatz Pease
Desert Sands

Desert Sands (Sheet) (Piano), #YL00-22444 By Joyce Schatz Pease

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Desert Sands (Sheet) (Piano), #YL00-22444 : By Joyce Schatz Pease : Piano Solo : Sheet : Intermediate

The many patterns of swirling sand created by the wind are the images reflected in this solo. Written in D minor, the drama is intensified by the chromatic rise in the tenor voice and the 3/4 meter. Teenage students especially will be drawn to the mood of this piece and will enjoy its mysterious yet rich, lyrical sounds. Many melodic patterns are included and will be helpful in learning and memorizing the piece.


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PublisherAlfred Publishing
Format Sheet
Instrument Piano
Category Piano Solo
Level Intermediate
Shipping Weight0.05   lbs
Alfred Publishing Item 00-22444
Product Code YL00-22444
UPC Code38081226637
Grade Description(4/5)

Joyce Schatz Pease : Composer

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