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Folk Songs : Budget Books : P/V/G : # 311841
Folk Songs : Budget Books : P/V/G : # 311841, Sheet Music

Folk Songs : Budget Books : P/V/G : # 311841

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Folk Songs : Budget Books By : Various Authors : Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook Series : Softcover : P/V/G : Published by Hal Leonard : # 311841
Folk Songs by : Various Authors

A mammoth collection featuring 148 of your all-time folk favorites! Includes: Alouette • Camptown Races • Danny Boy • Greensleeves • Guantanamera • Hava Nagila • Home on the Range • The Red River Valley • Shenandoah • Skip to My Lou • This Little Light of Mine • Yankee Doodle • and many more.


PublisherHal Leonard
Media Softcover
Format P/V/G
Length x Width 10.8 x 8.37   inches
Shipping Weight2.86 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL311841
UPC Code884088285821
ISBN 1423467647
EAN 9781423467649
1st Publication Date05/2009

Title:         In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
Lyricist:     Harry H. Williams
Writer:       Egbert Van Alstyne
Title:         Casey Jones
Artist:       Grateful Dead
Lyricist:     Robert Hunter ;  T. Lawrence Seibert
Writer:       Eddie Newton ;  Jerry Garcia
Title:         Guantanamera
Artist:       Los Lobos
Lyricist:     based on a poem by Jose Marti ;  Cuban Folksong ;  David Hidalgo ;  Hector Angulo ;  Jose Fernandez Diaz ;  Louis Perez
Writer:       David Hidalgo ;  Jose Fernandez Diaz ;  Louis Perez
Title:         Dry Bones
Lyricist:     Margaret Bonds ;  Traditional
Writer:       Marc Blitzstein ;  Margaret Bonds ;  Traditional
Title:         Swing Low; Sweet Chariot
Artist:       Benny Goodman
Lyricist:     Moses Hogan ;  Traditional Spiritual
Writer:       Benny Goodman (arr.) ;  John Thompson (arr.) ;  Negro Spiritual ;  Peter Knight ;  Traditional Spiritual
Title:         Frog Went A-Courtin'
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       A.P. Jackman ;  Traditional
Title:         Lavender's Blue
Lyricist:     English Folk Song ;  Traditional
Writer:       English Folk Song ;  Gordon Langford ;  Traditional
Title:         This Old Man
Lyricist:     Tom Anderson ;  Traditional ;  Traditional English
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Robert Chilcott ;  Tom Anderson ;  Traditional ;  Traditional English
Title:         Wayfaring Stranger
Artist:       Jack White ;  Johnny Cash
Lyricist:     Anthony Minghella (arr.) ;  John Jacob Niles ;  John Jacobson ;  Roger Emerson ;  Southern American Folk Hymn ;  T Bone Burnett (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       Anthony Minghella (arr.) ;  Greg Gilpin (arr.) ;  John Carter Cash (arr.) ;  John Jacob Niles ;  John Jacobson ;  John R. Cash (arr.) ;  Roger Emerson ;  Southern American Folk Hymn ;  T Bone Burnett (arr.) ;  Traditional
Title:         The Wabash Cannon Ball
Lyricist:     Hobo Song
Writer:       Hobo Song
Title:         Goober Peas
Lyricist:     P. Pindar
Writer:       P. Nutt
Title:         The Banana Boat Song
Artist:       Steve Lawrence ;  Tarriers
Lyricist:     Alan Arkin ;  Bob Carey ;  Erik Darling ;  Jamaican Work Song ;  Roger Emerson (Arranger) ;  Traditional
Writer:       Alan Arkin ;  Bob Carey ;  Erik Darling ;  Jamaican Work Song ;  Roger Emerson (Arranger) ;  Traditional
Title:         This Little Light Of Mine
Artist:       Yo-Yo Ma
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Emily Crocker (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       African-American Spiritual ;  Bill Harley ;  Kyle Sanna (arr.) ;  Traditional
Title:         Worried Man Blues
Artist:       The Carter Family
Lyricist:     A.P. Carter ;  Maybelle Carter ;  Sara Carter ;  Traditional ;  Traditional Folk Song
Writer:       A.P. Carter ;  Janet Day (arr.) ;  Maybelle Carter ;  Sara Carter ;  Traditional
Title:         All My Trials
Artist:       Peter; Paul & Mary
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Traditional Spiritual
Writer:       African-American Spiritual ;  Milton Okun (arr.) ;  Paul Stookey (arr.) ;  Peter Yarrow (arr.) ;  Traditional Spiritual
Title:         Kumbaya
Lyricist:     Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Congo Folksong ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Hava Nagila (Let's Be Happy)
Lyricist:     Moshe Nathanson
Writer:       Abraham Z. Idelsohn
Title:         All Through The Night
Artist:       Bettina Hall/William Gaxton ;  Bing Crosby and Zizi Jeanmarie ;  Cyndi Lauper ;  Jules Shear ;  Peter; Paul & Mary
Lyricist:     Cole Porter ;  Heather Sorenson ;  Jules Shear ;  Sir Harold Boulton ;  Traditional ;  Welsh Folksong
Writer:       Cole Porter ;  Jameson Marvin ;  Jules Shear ;  Mary Travers (arr.) ;  Paul Stookey (arr.) ;  Peter Yarrow (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Welsh Folksong
Title:         Carnival Of Venice
Writer:       G. Ludovic ;  Jean-Baptiste Arban ;  Julius Benedict ;  Venetian Melody
Title:         Danny Boy
Artist:       Celtic Thunder ;  Charlotte Church
Lyricist:     Fred E. Weatherly ;  Fred Weatherly ;  Frederick Edward Weatherly ;  James Galway ;  Phil Coulter ;  Philip Lawson (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Traditional Irish Folk Melody
Writer:       David Munro (arr.) ;  David Seaman (arr.) ;  Fred Weatherly ;  Frederick Edward Weatherly ;  Greg Gilpin (arr.) ;  James Galway ;  Peter Knight ;  Phil Coulter ;  Philip Lawson ;  Philip Lawson (arr.) ;  Traditional Irish Air ;  Traditional Irish Folk Melody
Title:         Auld Lang Syne
Lyricist:     Mark Sirett (arr.) ;  Robbie Burns ;  Robert Burns ;  Traditional Scottish Aire
Writer:       Chip Davis ;  Mark Sirett (arr.) ;  Traditional Scottish Melody
Title:         Frankie And Johnny
Artist:       Elvis Presley ;  Jimmie Rodgers
Lyricist:     Alex Gottlieb ;  Anonymous Blues Ballad ;  Ben Weisman ;  Fred Karger ;  Jimmie Rodgers
Writer:       Alex Gottlieb ;  Anonymous Blues Ballad ;  Ben Weisman ;  Fred Karger ;  Jimmie Rodgers
Title:         Deep River
Artist:       Christopher Parkening
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Traditional
Writer:       African-American Spiritual ;  John Leavitt (arr.) ;  John Thompson (arr.) ;  Negro Spiritual ;  Traditional
Title:         Aloha Oe
Lyricist:     Queen Liliuokalani
Writer:       Queen Liliuokalani
Title:         Alouette
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Traditional
Title:         Amazing Grace
Artist:       Alan Jackson ;  Celtic Thunder ;  Charlotte Church ;  Elvis Presley ;  Judy Collins ;  Steve Vai
Lyricist:     Elvis Presley (arr.) ;  John Newton ;  Phil Coulter (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       Alan Jackson (arr.) ;  Edwin O. Excell ;  Elvis Presley (arr.) ;  Eugenie Rocherolle (arr.) ;  Frederic Chopin ;  Harry Strack (arr.) ;  J. Newton ;  John Newton ;  Naus (arr.) ;  Paul Chauvin (arr.) ;  Phil Coulter (arr.) ;  Steve Vai (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Traditional American Melody ;  Victor Wooten (arr.)
Title:         Careless Love
Lyricist:     Anonymous ;  Huddie Ledbetter ;  John Jacob Niles
Writer:       Anonymous ;  Earl Scruggs ;  Huddie Ledbetter ;  John Jacob Niles
Title:         Down In The Valley
Lyricist:     Mary Barrett ;  Traditional American Folksong
Writer:       F. Luther ;  Glenda Austin (arr.) ;  Leonard Daugherty ;  Traditional American Folksong
Title:         Freight Train
Artist:       Peter; Paul & Mary
Lyricist:     Elizabeth Cotten ;  Fred Williams ;  Frederick Williams ;  Paul James
Writer:       Fred Williams ;  Paul James
Title:         Skip To My Lou
Lyricist:     Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Writer:       Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Lyricist:     Jack Norworth ;  Michael Lloyd
Writer:       Albert von Tilzer
Title:         Twinkle; Twinkle Little Star
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Turkey In The Straw
Lyricist:     American Folk Song ;  American Folksong
Writer:       American Folk Song ;  American Folksong ;  Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         Greensleeves
Artist:       Jeff Beck ;  Jeff Beck Group ;  John Coltrane ;  Mannheim Steamroller ;  Pentatonix
Lyricist:     16th Century Trad. English ;  Ben Bram (arr.) ;  James Taylor ;  Jeff Beck ;  Pentatonix (arr.) ;  Philip Lawson (arr.) ;  Rod Stewart ;  Traditional ;  Traditional English
Writer:       16th Century Trad. English ;  Ben Bram (arr.) ;  Benjamin Britten (arr.) ;  Chip Davis ;  Giovanni De Chiaro (arr.) ;  James Taylor ;  Jeff Beck ;  John Coltrane ;  McCoy Tyner (Arr.) ;  Pentatonix (arr.) ;  Philip Lawson (arr.) ;  Rod Stewart ;  Traditional ;  Traditional English ;  Traditional Folk Song ;  Vince Guaraldi (arr.)
Title:         Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual
Writer:       African-American Spiritual ;  Liam Noble ;  Traditional
Title:         When The Saints Go Marching In
Lyricist:     Katherine E. Purvis
Writer:       Carol Rosenstein ;  James M. Black ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Go; Tell It On The Mountain
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  John W. Work; Jr. ;  John Work Jr.
Writer:       African-American Spiritual ;  Dan Galbraith (arr.) ;  John Work Jr. ;  Mac Huff (arr.) ;  Negro Spiritual
Title:         Aupres De Ma Blonde (Nearby To My Dear One)
Lyricist:     French Folksong
Title:         Camptown Races
Lyricist:     Stephen C. Foster
Writer:       Stephen C. Foster ;  Vince Guaraldi (arr.)
Title:         Arkansas Traveler
Artist:       Chet Atkins
Lyricist:     Roy Lanham ;  Southern American Folksong
Writer:       Roy Lanham ;  Southern American Folksong
Title:         Down By The Station
Lyricist:     Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         If You're Happy And You Know It
Lyricist:     Andre Tayir ;  L. Smith ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Writer:       Glenda Austin (arr.) ;  L. Smith ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Row; Row; Row Your Boat
Lyricist:     John Leavitt (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Home On The Range
Lyricist:     Dr. Brewster Higley ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Dan Kelly ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         I've Been Working On The Railroad
Lyricist:     American Folksong ;  Traditional
Writer:       American Folksong ;  Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         A-Tisket A-Tasket
Lyricist:     Traditional ;  Traditional Children's Song
Writer:       Rollo Dilworth (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Traditional Children's Song
Title:         Down By The Riverside
Lyricist:     African American Spiritual ;  Rollo Dilworth ;  Traditional Spiritual
Writer:       African American Spiritual ;  Jay Althouse (arr.) ;  Rollo Dilworth ;  Traditional Spiritual
Title:         Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Artist:       Christopher Parkening
Lyricist:     Carl Davis ;  Traditional
Writer:       Carl Davis ;  Traditional
Title:         My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
Lyricist:     John Jacobson ;  Kirby Shaw ;  Traditional
Writer:       John Jacobson ;  Kirby Shaw ;  Traditional
Title:         We Gather Together
Lyricist:     Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck ;  Netherlands Folk Hymn ;  Theodore Baker ;  Theodore Baker (trans.)
Writer:       Eduard Kremser (harm.) ;  Edward Kremser ;  Glenda Austin (arr.) ;  Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck ;  Netherlands Folk Hymn
Title:         Yankee Doodle
Lyricist:     George L.O. Strid ;  John Higgins (arr.) ;  Mary Donnelly ;  Traditional
Writer:       John Higgins (arr.) ;  Traditional
Title:         Home Sweet Home
Artist:       Carrie Underwood ;  Dick Hyman ;  Motley Crue ;  Motley Crue with Chester Bennington
Lyricist:     John Howard Payne ;  John Jacobson ;  Nikki Sixx ;  Oscar Hammerstein II ;  Tommy Lee
Writer:       Dick Hyman ;  Earl Scruggs ;  H.R. Bishop ;  Henry R. Bishop ;  J.H. Payne ;  John Jacobson ;  Nikki Sixx ;  Richard Rodgers ;  Tom Anderson (arr.) ;  Tommy Lee
Title:         The Blue Bells Of Scotland
Lyricist:     Mrs. Jordon; c. 1800
Writer:       Mrs. Jordon; c. 1800
Title:         The Red River Valley
Lyricist:     Traditional American Cowboy So
Writer:       Traditional American Cowboy So
Title:         Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo; Git Along
Artist:       Sons Of The Pioneers
Lyricist:     Traditional Cowboy Song
Writer:       Traditional Cowboy Song
Title:         Tarantella
Lyricist:     Cheryl Lavender ;  Cole Porter ;  Traditional
Writer:       Cheryl Lavender ;  Cole Porter ;  Jennifer Linn ;  Joseph Low ;  Sergei Prokofiev ;  Traditional ;  William Gillock
Title:         Michael Row The Boat Ashore
Lyricist:     Traditional Folksong
Writer:       Traditional Folksong
Title:         For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Traditional
Title:         Polly Wolly Doodle
Lyricist:     Traditional ;  Traditional American Minstrel
Writer:       Christopher Hussey (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Traditional American Minstrel
Title:         Grandfather's Clock
Lyricist:     Henry Clay Work
Writer:       Henry Clay Work ;  Philip Lawson (arr.)
Title:         Girl I Left Behind Me
Lyricist:     Traditional Irish
Writer:       Traditional Irish
Title:         The Bear Went Over The Mountain
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Traditional
Title:         Beautiful Brown Eyes
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Traditional
Title:         Beautiful Dreamer
Artist:       The Beatles
Lyricist:     Gerry Goffin ;  Jack Keller ;  Stephen C. Foster ;  Stephen Foster
Writer:       Gerry Goffin ;  Jack Keller ;  Stephen C. Foster ;  Stephen Foster
Title:         Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Lisle Crowley (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Walter Rodrigues (arr.)
Title:         Rock Island Line
Artist:       Leadbelly (aka Huddie Ledbetter) ;  Lonnie Donegan
Lyricist:     Huddie Ledbetter ;  Lonnie Donegan ;  Railroad Song
Writer:       Huddie Ledbetter ;  Lonnie Donegan ;  Railroad Song
Title:         The Drunken Sailor
Lyricist:     American Sea Chantey
Writer:       American Sea Chantey
Title:         This Train
Artist:       Joe Bonamassa ;  Peter; Paul & Mary
Lyricist:     James House ;  Joe Bonamassa ;  Paul Stookey ;  Peter Yarrow ;  Traditional ;  Traditional Spiritual
Writer:       Emily Crocker (arr.) ;  James House ;  Joe Bonamassa ;  Paul Stookey ;  Peter Yarrow ;  Roger Emerson ;  Traditional ;  Traditional Spiritual
Title:         Believe Me; If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Lyricist:     Thomas Moore
Writer:       Thomas Moore
Title:         Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
Lyricist:     John Jacob Niles ;  Southern Appalachian Folksong
Writer:       John Jacob Niles ;  Southern Appalachian Folksong
Title:         Blood On The Saddle
Lyricist:     Everett Cheetham ;  Traditional
Writer:       Everett Cheetham ;  Traditional
Title:         The Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn)
Lyricist:     Daniel Decatur Emmett
Writer:       Daniel Decatur Emmett
Title:         Scarborough Fair
Artist:       Sarah Brightman
Lyricist:     Frank Peterson (Arr.) ;  Paul Simon ;  Russ Shipton ;  Traditional English ;  Traditional English Folk Song
Writer:       Frank Peterson (Arr.) ;  Paul Murtha (arr.) ;  Paul Simon ;  Russ Shipton ;  Thomas Juneau (arr.) ;  Traditional English ;  Traditional English Folk Song
Title:         Little Brown Jug
Lyricist:     Joseph E. Winner
Writer:       Joseph E. Winner ;  Lawrence Welk ;  Traditional
Title:         Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Lyricist:     Ben Johnson ;  Ben Jonson
Writer:       18th Century English Melody ;  Roger Quilter ;  Roger Quilter (arr.) ;  Traditional Music
Title:         Buffalo Gals (Won't You Come Out Tonight?)
Lyricist:     Cool White (John Hodges)
Writer:       Cool White (John Hodges)
Title:         In The Good Old Summertime
Lyricist:     Ren Shields
Writer:       George Evans
Title:         The Crawdad Song
Lyricist:     Traditional ;  Traditional Folk Song
Writer:       Cristi Cary Miller (arr.) ;  Traditional ;  Traditional Folk Song
Title:         The Erie Canal
Lyricist:     American Folk Song ;  New York Work Song
Writer:       American Folk Song ;  Cristi Cary Miller (arr.) ;  New York Work Song

Give Me That Old Time Religion
House Of The Rising Sun
John Brown's Body
Joshua (Fit The Battle Of Jericho)
The Man On The Flying Trapeze
Oh; Them Golden Slippers
Saint James Infirmary
Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!
The Yellow Rose Of Texas
Loch Lomond
The Irish Washerwoman
Midnight Special
The Foggy; Foggy Dew
The Streets Of Laredo
The Campbells Are Coming
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny
She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain
Good Night Ladies
On Top Of Old Smoky
Cielito Lindo (My Pretty Darling)
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Hush; Little Baby
(Oh; My Darling) Clementine
Comin' Through The Rye
La Cucaracha
Funiculi; Funicula
Du; Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (You; You Weigh On My Heart)
I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song)
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Hail; Hail; The Gang's All Here
I Wish I Were Single Again
Li'l Liza Jane (Go Li'l Liza)
My Old Kentucky Home
My Wild Irish Rose
Old Folks At Home (Swanee River)
Over The River And Through The Woods
Rock-A-My Soul
School Days (When We Were A Couple Of Kids)
Sweet Rosie O'Grady
There Is A Tavern In The Town
The Wearing Of The Green
Short'nin' Bread
Santa Lucia
Hinky Dinky Parley Voo
Molly Malone (Cockles & Mussels)
Nine Pound Hammer
Ach Du Lieber Augustin (O My Dearest Augustine)
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Oh! Susanna
Oh Where; Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
Old Black Joe
The Old Chisholm Trail
The Old Gray Mare
Peanut Sat On A Railroad Track
Sailing; Sailing
Sailors Hornpipe
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
Sing A Song Of Sixpence
Sweet Betsy From Pike
Mama Don't 'Low
Johnny; I Hardly Knew You
There's A Hole In The Bucket

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