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Girl's Ukulele Method 1, Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Playing Ukulele! (Book & CD) (Ukulele), #YL00-42554 By Tish Ciravolo
Girl's Ukulele Method 1

Girl's Ukulele Method 1, Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Playing Ukulele! (Book & CD) (Ukulele), #YL00-42554 By Tish Ciravolo

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Girl's Ukulele Method 1, Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Playing Ukulele! (Book & CD) (Ukulele), #YL00-42554 : By Tish Ciravolo : Ukulele Method or Supplement : Book & CD : Girl's Ukulele Method : Everything a Girl Needs to Know About Playing Ukulele!

Finally---the first ukulele method written especially for girls! Thousands of girls all over the world are raving about this revolutionary method's fresh and energetic approach with a style and design that addresses the interests of young women today. Teaching from a girl's perspective, this solid method covers the essentials of playing the ukulele, including how to hold your ukulele, tuning, right- and left-hand technique, notes on every string, key signatures, rhythms, chords, and much more! Girl's Ukulele Method 1 promises a sure start down a lifelong path of musical enjoyment and all the heightened self-esteem that comes with learning to play an instrument. A CD is included that features live performances of the examples and songs in the book.


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PublisherAlfred Publishing
Format Book & CD
Instrument Ukulele
Category Ukulele Method or Supplement
Shipping Weight0.50   lbs
Alfred Publishing Item 00-42554
Product Code YL00-42554
UPC Code38081475899
ISBN 10 1470614103
EAN 9781470614102

Tish Ciravolo : Author

Title:         4 Kinds of Notes

Title:         Acknowledgements

Title:         Aloha 'Oe

Title:         A-Tisket; A-Tasket

Title:         Aura Lee

Title:         Beautiful Brown Eyes

Title:         Bumble Bee Flat

Title:         Calypso Strum

Title:         Chord Diagrams

Title:         Clefs

Title:         Clementine

Title:         Cockels and Mussels

Title:         Daisy Petals

Title:         Daisy Rockin' Uke

Title:         Dedication

Title:         Dotted Quarter Notes

Title:         Down in the Valley

Title:         Easy As A; B; C

Title:         Eighth Notes

Title:         Getting Acquainted with Music

Title:         Getting Acquainted with Tablature

Title:         Good Night Ladies

Title:         Hand Position

Title:         Holding Your Ukulele

Title:         Hot Cross Buns

Title:         How to Count Time

Title:         How to Tune Your Ukulele

Title:         Incomplete Measures

Title:         Introducing B-Flat
Title: Introducing F-Sharp
Title: Introduction
Title: It Takes Two
Title: Jingle Bells
Title: Key Signatures
Title: Largo
Title: Love Somebody
Title: Measures and Bar Lines
Title: Notes
Title: Ode to Joy
Title: Over and Over Again
Title: Pitch Pipes and Electronic Tuners
Title: Placing a Finger on a String
Title: Playing with A; B; and C
Title: Quarter Rest
Title: Repeat Signs
Title: Selecting Your Ukulele
Title: Strumming with a Pick
Title: Strumming with Your Fingers
Title: Tempo Signs
Title: The C Chord
Title: The C7 Chord
Title: The D7 Chord
Title: The Down-And-Up Stroke
Title: The F Chord
Title: The First String A
Title: The G Chord
Title: The G7 Chord
Title: The Parts of Your Ukulele
Title: The Right Hand: Strumming the Strings
Title: The Second String E
Title: The Sloop John B.
Title: The Staff
Title: The Streets of Laredo
Title: The Third String C
Title: Three-Tempo Rockin' Uke
Title: Ties
Title: Time Signatures
Title: Tip Toe Through the Daisies
Title: Tuning the Ukulele to Itself
Title: Tuning with the CD Audio Tracks
Title: Using Your Left Hand
Title: Walkin' on Stardust
Title: When the Saints Go Marching In

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