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Great Songs for Children : P/V/G Mixed Folio : P/V/G : # 2501348
Great Songs for Children : P/V/G Mixed Folio : P/V/G : # 2501348, Sheet Music

Great Songs for Children : P/V/G Mixed Folio : P/V/G : # 2501348

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Great Songs for Children : P/V/G Mixed Folio : Great Songs Series : Softcover : P/V/G : Published by Cherry Lane Music : # 2501348
Great Songs for Children by : Various Authors

This addition to Cherry Lane's popular Great Songs series features 90 wonderful; singable favorites kids love. Includes: Baa Baa Black Sheep • Bingo • The Candy Man • Do-Re-Mi • Eensy Weensy Spider • The Hokey Pokey • Linus and Lucy • Mairzy Doats • My Favorite Things • Sing • This Old Man • Yellow Submarine • and more; with a touching foreword by Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Tom Chapin.


PublisherCherry Lane Music
Media Softcover
Format P/V/G
Length x Width 12 x 9   inches
Shipping Weight2.14 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL2501348
UPC Code884088327576
ISBN 1603781293
EAN 9781603781299
1st Publication Date09/2009

Title:         Addams Family Theme
Lyricist:     Vic Mizzy
Title:         Family Tree
Artist:       Dave Barnes ;  Megadeth
Lyricist:     Dave Ellefson ;  Dave Mustaine ;  John Forster ;  Martin Charnin ;  Martin Friedman ;  Nick Menza ;  Tom Chapin
Writer:       Michael Dansicker
Title:         This Old Man
Lyricist:     Tom Anderson ;  Traditional ;  Traditional English
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Robert Chilcott
Title:         This Little Light Of Mine
Artist:       Yo-Yo Ma
Lyricist:     African-American Spiritual ;  Emily Crocker (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bill Harley ;  Kyle Sanna (arr.)
Title:         Tomorrow
Artist:       Avril Lavigne ;  Bob Seger ;  Chris Young ;  silverchair
Lyricist:     Anthony Smith ;  Curt Frasca ;  Daniel Johns ;  Frank Myers ;  Martin Charnin ;  Sabelle Breer
Writer:       Ben Gillies ;  Charles Strouse
Title:         Conjunction Junction
Lyricist:     Bob Dorough
Title:         Old Macdonald Had A Farm
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         When You Believe
Artist:       Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey
Lyricist:     Stephen Schwartz
Title:         Pokemon Theme
Lyricist:     J. Siegler ;  T. Loeffler
Title:         Here I Am
Artist:       Bryan Adams ;  Emmylou Harris ;  Leona Lewis ;  Mary Chapin Carpenter ;  Rebecca St. James ;  Steve Vai
Lyricist:     Bill Deaton ;  Brett James ;  Chris Eaton ;  David Yazbek ;  Eric Champion ;  Gretchen Peters ;  Hans Zimmer ;  Jamie Houston ;  Russ Taff ;  Tori Taff ;  Walter Afanasieff
Title:         Someday Out Of The Blue (Theme From El Dorado)
Artist:       Elton John
Lyricist:     Tim Rice
Writer:       Patrick Leonard
Title:         Skip To My Lou
Lyricist:     Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         Mary Had A Little Lamb
Artist:       Buddy Guy ;  Paul McCartney ;  Stevie Ray Vaughan
Lyricist:     Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Linda McCartney ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Sarah Josepha Hale
Writer:       Traditional
Title:         John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Lyricist:     Jack Norworth ;  Michael Lloyd
Writer:       Albert von Tilzer
Title:         Twinkle; Twinkle Little Star
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         And The Green Grass Grows All Around
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         Bingo
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         Do Your Ears Hang Low?
Lyricist:     Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         London Bridge
Lyricist:     Bernie Garzia ;  Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Neil Berg ;  Traditional
Title:         The Farmer In The Dell
Lyricist:     Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Title:         If You're Happy And You Know It
Lyricist:     Andre Tayir ;  L. Smith ;  Michael Lloyd ;  Traditional
Writer:       Glenda Austin (arr.)
Title:         Row; Row; Row Your Boat
Lyricist:     John Leavitt (arr.) ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         Home On The Range
Lyricist:     Dr. Brewster Higley ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Dan Kelly ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         I've Been Working On The Railroad
Lyricist:     American Folksong ;  Traditional
Writer:       Bruce Gowers ;  Carol Rosenstein ;  Michael Lloyd
Title:         Baa Baa Black Sheep
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean
Lyricist:     John Jacobson ;  Kirby Shaw ;  Traditional
Title:         Yankee Doodle
Lyricist:     George L.O. Strid ;  John Higgins (arr.) ;  Mary Donnelly ;  Traditional
Title:         Sing
Artist:       Dresden Dolls ;  Ed Sheeran ;  Pentatonix ;  She & Him ;  The Carpenters ;  Travis
Lyricist:     Amanda Palmer ;  Andrew Lloyd Webber ;  Francis Healy ;  Gary Barlow ;  Joe Raposo ;  Kevin Olusola ;  Martin Johnson ;  Mitchell Grassi ;  Pharrell Williams ;  Sam Hollander ;  Scott Hoying ;  Zooey Deschanel
Title:         Polly Wolly Doodle
Lyricist:     Traditional American Minstrel
Title:         Mister Sun
Lyricist:     Raffi Cavoukian
Title:         Accidentally In Love
Artist:       Counting Crows
Lyricist:     Adam F. Duritz ;  Dan Vickrey ;  David Bryson ;  David Immergluck ;  Matthew Malley
Title:         The Bear Went Over The Mountain
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         The Blue Tail Fly (Jimmy Crack Corn)
Lyricist:     Daniel Decatur Emmett
Title:         Think Positive
Lyricist:     Leslie Bricusse
Title:         Consider Yourself
Artist:       -both include 'the boys' ;  Mark Lester; Jack Wild ;  Michael Goodman; Bruce Prochnik
Lyricist:     Lionel Bart
Title:         The Man On The Flying Trapeze
Lyricist:     George Leybourne
Writer:       Alfred Lee
Title:         Baby Beluga
Lyricist:     Debi Pike ;  Raffi Cavoukian
Title:         Three Blind Mice
Lyricist:     Ed Bolkovac (ed.) ;  Elizabethan Round ;  Traditional
Title:         The Candy Man
Artist:       Sammy Davis Jr.
Lyricist:     Anthony Newley ;  Leslie Bricusse
Title:         She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain
Lyricist:     John Higgins (arr.) ;  John Jacobson (arr.) ;  Traditional
Title:         Down By The Bay
Lyricist:     Kenneth David Whitely ;  Raffi Cavoukian ;  Traditional
Title:         Tikun Olam
Lyricist:     James R. Cohen
Title:         He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Lyricist:     Fred King (arr.) ;  Traditional Spiritual
Title:         More We Get Together
Lyricist:     German Folk Song ;  Raffi Cavoukian
Title:         The Chicken Dance
Lyricist:     Paul Parnes
Writer:       Terry Rendall ;  Werner Thomas
Title:         Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)
Artist:       Harry Belafonte
Lyricist:     Irving Burgie ;  William Attaway
Title:         Do-Re-Mi
Lyricist:     Oscar Hammerstein II
Writer:       Richard Rodgers
Title:         Eensy Weensy Spider
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Artist:       Canadian Brass
Lyricist:     Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore
Writer:       Brandon Ridenour (arr.)
Title:         Over The River And Through The Woods
Lyricist:     Traditional
Writer:       Glenda Austin (arr.)
Title:         Goin' To The Zoo
Lyricist:     Cristi Cary Miller ;  Kathlyn Reynolds ;  Tom Paxton
Title:         Frere Jacques (Are You Sleeping?)
Lyricist:     John Leavitt (arr.) ;  Traditional
Title:         Garden Song
Artist:       John Denver ;  Peter; Paul & Mary
Lyricist:     Dave Mallett
Title:         Getting To Know You
Lyricist:     Oscar Hammerstein II
Writer:       Richard Rodgers
Title:         The Hokey Pokey
Lyricist:     Charles P. Macak ;  Larry LaPrise ;  Tafft Baker
Title:         How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
Artist:       Baby Jane & The Rockabyes
Lyricist:     Bob Merrill
Title:         I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
Lyricist:     Jeff Moss
Title:         I Whistle A Happy Tune
Lyricist:     Oscar Hammerstein II
Writer:       Richard Rodgers
Title:         I'd Do Anything
Lyricist:     Lionel Bart
Title:         I'm Popeye The Sailor Man
Lyricist:     Sammy Lerner
Title:         It's The Hard-Knock Life
Lyricist:     Martin Charnin
Writer:       Charles Strouse
Title:         It's Raining; It's Pouring
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         Linus And Lucy
Writer:       Vince Guaraldi
Title:         The Lonely Goatherd
Lyricist:     Oscar Hammerstein II
Writer:       Richard Rodgers
Title:         Mairzy Doats
Artist:       Merry Macs
Lyricist:     Al Hoffman ;  Jerry Livingston ;  Milton Drake
Title:         The Marvelous Toy
Artist:       John Denver
Lyricist:     Tom Paxton
Title:         (Meet) The Flintstones
Artist:       The B.C. 52's
Lyricist:     Hoyt Curtin ;  Joseph Barbera ;  William Hanna
Title:         My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog
Lyricist:     Tom Paxton
Title:         My Favorite Things
Artist:       Chicago ;  Lorrie Morgan
Lyricist:     Oscar Hammerstein II
Writer:       Richard Rodgers
Title:         Oh! Susanna
Lyricist:     Stephen C. Foster
Title:         Oh Where; Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
Lyricist:     Sep. Winner
Writer:       Traditional
Title:         On Top Of Spaghetti
Artist:       Tom Glazer and The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus
Lyricist:     Tom Glazer
Title:         One Small Voice
Lyricist:     Jeff Moss
Title:         Oompa-Loompa-Doompadee-Doo
Lyricist:     Anthony Newley ;  Leslie Bricusse
Title:         Peter Cottontail
Lyricist:     Jack Rollins ;  Steve Nelson
Title:         Pop Goes The Weasel
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         Puff The Magic Dragon
Artist:       Peter; Paul & Mary
Lyricist:     Lenny Lipton ;  Peter Yarrow
Title:         Rock-A-Bye; Baby
Lyricist:     Traditional
Title:         Rubber Duckie
Lyricist:     Jeff Moss

Sesame Street Theme
Somewhere In My Memory
Talk To The Animals
Ten Little Indians
This Land Is Your Land
Cat's In The Cradle
This Pretty Planet
Yellow Submarine
The Muffin Man
There's A Hole In The Bucket

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