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Groovin' Easy Series (CD), Jazz, #YL01-ADV9803
Groovin' Easy Series

Groovin' Easy Series (CD), Jazz, #YL01-ADV9803

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Product Code: YL01-ADV9803

Product Description
Groovin' Easy Series (CD), Jazz, #YL01-ADV9803 : : All Instruments Method or Collection : CD : Jazz : Advance Music: The Groovin' Easy Series

Features complete recordings of The Groovin' Easy Series plus demo tracks of The Reading Key Jazz Rhythms Series and The Saxology Series. Titles: Intro * Intro 'Doo-Dat Blues' * Doo-Dat Blues * Intro 'Suspended Animation' * Suspended Animation * Intro 'Stellar Tune' * Stellar Tune * Intro 'In a Fall Foliage Funk' * In a Fall Foliage Funk * Intro 'EK's Dilemma' * EK's Dilemma * Intro 'Brew Bossa' * Brew Bossa * Intro 'Happenstance' * Happenstance * Intro 'Sunny Summer Daze' * Sunny Summer Daze * Intro 'Hale-Bopp Bebop' * Hale-Bopp Bebop * Intro 'First Flight' * First Flight * Intro 'Reading Key Jazz Rhythms Series' * Reading Key Jazz Rhythms (Etude 6) * Reading Key Jazz Rhythms (Etude 23) * Reading Key Jazz Rhythms (Etude 7) * Reading Key Jazz Rhythms (Etude 10) * Reading Key Jazz Rhythms (Etude 13) * Reading Key Jazz Rhythms (Etude 12) * Reading Key Jazz Rhythms (Etude 22) * The Read Sea (excerpt) * Passing Glances (excerpt) * Footprints (excerpt) * Black Narcissus (excerpt).


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PublisherAlfred Publishing
Format CD
Genre Jazz
Category All Instruments Method or Collection
Shipping Weight0.20   lbs
Alfred Publishing Item 01-ADV9803
Product Code YL01-ADV9803
UPC Code805095098037

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