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Grundorf ABS Series Amp Rack - 5 Space : # ABS-R0616CB
ABS Series Amp Rack - 5 Space : # ABS-R0616CB

Grundorf ABS Series Amp Rack - 5 Space : # ABS-R0616CB

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Product Description

ABS Series Amp Rack - 5 Space : Grundorf Products Series : Published by Grundorf : # ABS-R0616CB
ABS Series Amp Rack - 5 Space

The ABS Series Amp Racks are designed to house everything from amps; processors; patchbays; and more! These versatile; lightweight; rugged transport cases provide robust protection for your gear and are ideal for musicians and DJs and also make an outstanding choice for house of worship; corporate AV centers; and educational applications.

The Grundorf ABS Series racks are manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight ABS material and utilize a 3mm thick high density ABS shell with a heavy duty aluminum extrusion to ensure outstanding protection for many years of use. All models feature a contemporary; professional black textured finish that is easy to clean and maintain. These racks have gasket-fitted front and rear lids – each with a 2.25-inch inside depth – to protect your gear from moisture and dirt.

The Grundorf ABS Series Professional Amp Racks are designed with molded-in structural bracing for added strength. In addition to ensuring the case retains its structural rigidity; this design characteristic also enables them to be stacked to conserve valuable space. For this reason; the ABS Series amp racks feature a molded-in; stackable 'lock-in-place' design to ensure the equipment stays securely in place.

This rack features pre-tensioned rack rail that eliminates the occurrence of loose racking screws. Also featured is the field-replaceable rack rail – should the need to replace it ever become necessary.

The ABS-R0616C five space rack has a 16.75-inch rackable depth space between the front and rear rack rail. The front rails are inset .25″. There is a total of 19″ of rackable depth from the front rails to the inside of the rear cover; and 21.5″ depth from inside front cover to inside rear cover. This rack offers an optional small (2″) caster dolly plate.

This rack includes a built-in pull-out handle and two sets of recessed dual wheels. The design of this rack incorporates a built-in bottom support that eliminates stress on the rack rail from the weight of the equipment. Also; there is a built-in filler panel to cover handle access at the bottom of the rack; ensuring greater protection for both the equipme


Length x Width x Height23 x 14.2 x 22.5   inches
Shipping Weight20.17 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL152464
UPC Code839077003337
1st Publication Date11/2015

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