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Hansel and Gretel : Vocal Score (Score) : (Humperdinck) : English Only : # ED1267
Hansel and Gretel : Vocal Score (Score) : (Humperdinck) : English Only : # ED1267

Hansel and Gretel : Vocal Score (Score) : (Humperdinck) : English Only : # ED1267

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Product Description

Hansel and Gretel : Vocal Score (Score) : (Humperdinck), : Engelbert Humperdinck : Constance Bache : Vocal Score Series : English Only : Published by G. Schirmer; Inc. : # ED1267
Hansel and Gretel by : Engelbert Humperdinck : Constance Bache

English Only. Translated by Bache.


PublisherG. Schirmer; Inc.
Format English Only
Length x Width x Height10.7 x 7.5 x 0.419   inches
Shipping Weight1.47 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL50337400
UPC Code73999249989
ISBN 793506603
EAN 9780793506606
Voicing DescriptionScore
1st Publication Date11/1986

Title:         Out of my way! (Humperdinck)
Title:         With your foot you tap (Humperdinck)
Title:         Oh for you and me (Humperdinck)
Title:         Down to yonder town I went (Humperdinck)
Title:         Deep within the wood (Humperdinck)
Title:         I shut the children's peepers (Humperdinck)
Title:         Then from the starry sky (Humperdinck)
Title:         I'm up with early dawning (Humperdinck)
Title:         High in the branches (Humperdinck)
Title:         I fancied I heard a murm'ring (Humperdinck)
Title:         O magic cottage (Humperdinck)
Title:         So hop; hop; hop (Humperdinck)
Title:         Nibble; nibble mousekin (Humperdinck)
Title:         Come; little mousey (Humperdinck)
Title:         Now you can move again (Humperdinck)
Title:         Hurrah! Now the oven (Humperdinck)
Title:         We're saved; we're freed (Humperdinck)
Title:         The spell is gone (Humperdinck)
Title:         Children; here's a lesson (Humperdinck)
Title:         Evening Prayer
Artist:       Christopher Parkening
Lyricist:     Adelheid Wette
Writer:       Brenda Dillon (arr.) ;  E. Humperdinck ;  Engelbert Humperdinck ;  Phillip Keveren
Title:         Brother; Come Dance(Humperdinck)
Title:         Suzy;Little Suzy (Humperdinck)

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