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Piano Quintet (Part(s)) (Chamber Quintet), Masterwork, #YL12-0571572006 By Thomas Ades
Piano Quintet

Piano Quintet (Part(s)) (Chamber Quintet), Masterwork, #YL12-0571572006 By Thomas Ades

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Piano Quintet (Part(s)) (Chamber Quintet), Masterwork, #YL12-0571572006 : By Thomas Ades : String Quintet (Piano Quintet) : Part(s) : Masterwork : Faber Edition

Thomas Ades's Piano Quintet (2000) is a vivid reimagining of sonata form (complete with exposition repeat). Whilst its themes are recognizably tonal, these simple building blocks are the starting points for rich and intricate processes of transformation. The long exposition is full of subtle metrical juxtapositions, with the piano and string quartet often playing in different time signatures simultaneously, creating a disorienting sense that the music is continually shifting in and out of temporal focus. After the extremes of the central development section, the recapitulation is a gigantic accelerando which speeds up to four times the original speed, and generates enormous, seemingly unstoppable momentum. The effect is of a dramatic and temporal compression: it is as if the whole work were squeezed into this musical black hole. This product is the set of instrumental parts.


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PublisherAlfred Publishing
Format Part(s)
Instrument Chamber Quintet
Genre Masterwork
Category String Quintet (Piano Quintet)
Shipping Weight1.40   lbs
Alfred Publishing Item 12-0571572006
Product Code YL12-0571572006
UPC Code9780571572007
ISBN 10 0571572006
EAN 9780571572007

Thomas Ades : Composer

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