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Pieces De Clavecin (lp54)/volume 1 (HARPSICHORD) : # HE32440
Pieces De Clavecin (lp54)/volume 1 (HARPSICHORD) : # HE32440

Pieces De Clavecin (lp54)/volume 1 (HARPSICHORD) : # HE32440

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Pieces De Clavecin (lp54)/volume 1 (HARPSICHORD) : Leduc Series : CD : Published by Alphonse Leduc : # HE32440
Pieces De Clavecin (lp54)/volume 1

“Jean-Henri d'Anglebert (1629-1691) was one of the foremost composers of Keyboard music of his day. Therefore; the collection of his works; Pieces for Harpsichord is essential to all players of early Baroque Keyboard music. D'Anglebert's Pieces for Harpsichord represents some of the finest achievements of the French Harpsichord school and shows the composer's mastery of counterpoint as well as his ability to experiment with texture to achieve orchestral sonority. Moreover; d'Anglebert's collection contains a table of ornaments which formed the basis of those of J. S. Bach and other significant composers. The first volume of Pieces for Harpsichord comprises four Harpsichord Suites composed by d'Anglebert; each of which consist of the usual dance movements together with transcriptions from Lully's operas. Furthermore; the three unmeasured preludes included in Suites one; two and three are truly remarkable examples of their kind. With a descriptive preface in French; English and German; volume one of d'Anglebert's Pieces for Harpsichord is a sublime addition to the repertoire of early Baroque Keyboard music.”


PublisherAlphonse Leduc
Media CD
Length x Width 12 x 9   inches
Shipping Weight0.86 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL48188352
UPC Code888680859763
Voicing DescriptionHARPSICHORD
1st Publication Date05/2018

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