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PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Handbook, The Official Guide to Getting the Most from Your Console (Book), #YL00-42462 By Bobby Owsinski
PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Handbook

PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Handbook, The Official Guide to Getting the Most from Your Console (Book), #YL00-42462 By Bobby Owsinski

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PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Handbook, The Official Guide to Getting the Most from Your Console (Book), #YL00-42462 : By Bobby Owsinski : Pro Audio Textbook : Book : The Official Guide to Getting the Most from Your Console

Unleash and maximize the power of your PreSonus StudioLive console with this official guide. Renowned engineer, producer, and author Bobby Owsinski provides a detailed look at one of the best-selling mixers of all time, revealing the tips and tricks you need to unlock its hidden capabilities and make your mixes sound better than ever. All StudioLive models are covered including the new AI editions. PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Handbook is divided into three sections: Part 1 is a general overview that breaks down each challenging feature. Part 2 covers live sound, explaining feedback-free stage monitoring, tuning your sound system to any venue, and StudioLive's remote mixing capabilities. Part 3 focuses on studio recording, detailing the mixing techniques used by the pros, and includes a bonus chapter on mic placement that covers nearly every instrument. After finishing this guide, you'll find recording and mixing so much easier with your StudioLive mixer that you'll think you just bought a new console! Bobby consulted directly with PreSonus to write PreSonus StudioLive Mixer Handbook, so you're getting expert info directly from the source! In this book you'll discover: * How to configure your computer to unlock StudioLive's most powerful features * The way to control your monitor or headphone mixes from your iPhone * Secrets to great-sounding, feedback-free stage monitors * How to remotely control your StudioLive Mixer from an iPad * Ways to easily record your shows without any additional hardware or software * Miking tips for nearly every instrument * Studio mixing tips to take your recordings to the next level


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Format Book
Category Pro Audio Textbook
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Alfred Publishing Item 00-42462
Product Code YL00-42462
UPC Code38081475431
ISBN 10 1470611287
EAN 9781470611286

Bobby Owsinski : Author

Title:         X/Y

Title:         Wireless Control via SL Remote

Title:         Why Each Venue Sounds Different

Title:         Watch the Meters

Title:         Virtual StudioLive

Title:         Virtual Soundcheck

Title:         Versions

Title:         Value

Title:         Using the Limiter

Title:         Using the Limiter

Title:         Using the High-Pass Filter

Title:         Using the Graphic EQ

Title:         Using the Gate

Title:         Using the Equalizer

Title:         Using the Equalizer

Title:         Using the EQ

Title:         Using the Dynamics

Title:         Using the Dynamics

Title:         Using the Compressor

Title:         Using Smaart to Suppress Feedback

Title:         Using Smaart to Suppress Feedback

Title:         Using Smaart to Analyze and Correct a Live Venue

Title:         Using SL Remote

Title:         Using Reverb

Title:         Using Effects

Title:         Using Effects

Title:         Using Delay

Title:         Using Capture 2

Title:         Using an Outboard Recorder
Title: Uploading to Soundcloud
Title: Uploading to Nimbit
Title: Uploading a Song to Nimbit
Title: Two-Track Recording
Title: Two-Reverb Setup
Title: Two-Delay Two-Reverb Setup (AI Series Only)
Title: Two-Delay Setup
Title: Tuning Your Speakers to the Room
Title: Threshold
Title: Threshold
Title: Threshold
Title: The Type of Curve to Look For
Title: The Talkback System
Title: The Start Page
Title: The Spectrograph
Title: The Solo or Cue Section
Title: The Size
Title: The Shape
Title: The Secret to Good Sounds
Title: The Rhythm Section
Title: The Rest of the Mix
Title: The Real-Time Analyzer (RTA)
Title: The Principles of Equalization
Title: The Players Control Their Own Cue Mixes with QMix
Title: The Phase Switch
Title: The Monitor Section
Title: The Main Meter Section
Title: The Limiter
Title: The Lead Element
Title: The High-Pass Filter
Title: The Gate
Title: The Fixtures
Title: The Fat Channel Meters
Title: The Equalizer
Title: The Drum Kit
Title: The Different Views
Title: The Different Views
Title: The Difference between Live and Studio Mixing
Title: The Compressor
Title: The Building Materials Used
Title: The Audience
Title: Tape
Title: Tape
Title: Talkback Routing
Title: Talkback Mic
Title: Talkback Button
Title: System Menu Control Functions
Title: System Delay
Title: System
Title: Suppressing Feedback
Title: Suppressing Feedback
Title: Subs
Title: Subgroups
Title: Studio One
Title: Studio One
Title: String Ensembles
Title: Storing Presets and Scenes
Title: Storing Presets
Title: Storing and Recalling Settings
Title: Storing and Recalling Scenes
Title: Storing and Recalling a Setup
Title: Storing a Setup
Title: Store
Title: Stereo Miking Techniques
Title: Stereo Mic
Title: Stereo Link
Title: Stereo Instruments
Title: Step 4: Avoid Phase Cancellation
Title: Step 3: Choose the Mic Placement
Title: Step 2: Choose the Right Mic
Title: Step 1: Choose the Best Place in the Room
Title: Stage Setup
Title: Spaced Pair
Title: Solo or Cue Level
Title: Solo
Title: Solo
Title: Solo
Title: Soft
Title: Smaart Room Analysis Wizard
Title: Smaart Integration
Title: SIP (Solo In Place)
Title: Shelf
Title: Setting Up Wireless Control
Title: Setting Up Wireless Control
Title: Setting Up the Gate
Title: Setting Up the Effects
Title: Setting Up Solo In Place
Title: Setting Up Multiple Monitor Mixes
Title: Setting Up a Cue Mix
Title: Setting the Recording Level with Signal Processing
Title: Setting the Record Level
Title: Setting the Levels
Title: Setting the Compressor
Title: Setting Record Levels
Title: Session Lock
Title: Selected Channel
Title: Select
Title: Select
Title: Select
Title: Scene
Title: Scenarios for Remote Control
Title: Saxophone
Title: Saving Your Settings
Title: Save
Title: Sample Rate
Title: Ringing Out the System
Title: Ringing Out the System
Title: Reverb and Delay Setup
Title: Reverb
Title: Remote Control via VSL
Title: Recording with or without Signal Processing
Title: Recording with Capture 2
Title: Recording Software
Title: Recalling FX Presets
Title: Recalling a Scene
Title: Recall
Title: Ratio
Title: Range
Title: QMix/QMix-AI iPhone Remote Control of Cue Mixes
Title: QMix Options
Title: QMix iPhone Remote Control of Monitor Mixes
Title: Q
Title: Previous and Next
Title: Presets
Title: Premium Plan
Title: Post
Title: Post
Title: Plus Plan
Title: Phones
Title: PFL (Pre-Fader Listen)
Title: Permissions
Title: Part 3: Using StudioLive In the Studio
Title: Part 2: Using StudioLive for Live Sound
Title: Part 1: StudioLive Mixer Overview
Title: Panning the Drums
Title: Panning
Title: Pan
Title: Page Up and Page Down
Title: Page 9: System About
Title: Page 8: Lockout Mode
Title: Page 7: Sub Out Delay
Title: Page 6: Digital Info
Title: Page 5: FX Pre Position
Title: Page 4: Aux Pre Position
Title: Page 3: iOS Setup
Title: Page 2: Network
Title: Page 1: Global
Title: Output Check
Title: Output Check
Title: Output
Title: Output
Title: ORTF
Title: Operation Mode: Buffer Size
Title: On a PC Running Windows 7
Title: On a Mac Running OS X 10.6 to 10.8
Title: On
Title: On
Title: On
Title: On
Title: Nimbit Features
Title: Navigation
Title: Navigation
Title: Mute Groups 1-6
Title: Mute Groups
Title: Mute
Title: Mute
Title: Monitor
Title: Mixing with Subgroups
Title: Mixing Up to the Stage Volume
Title: Mixing in Stereo
Title: Mix
Title: Mic/Line
Title: Master Fader
Title: Markers
Title: Manage Presets
Title: Main
Title: Main
Title: Lockout Mode
Title: Lockout
Title: Line Check
Title: Level Control
Title: Level
Title: Lead Vocals
Title: Key Filter and Key Listen
Title: Introduction
Title: Insert
Title: Input Selection
Title: Input
Title: Individual String Instruments
Title: Index
Title: If Something Is Noisy or Distorting
Title: How to Set the Recording Level
Title: How Long Should a Mix Take?
Title: Headroom
Title: Hand Percussion
Title: Graphic EQs
Title: GEQ Draw Mode
Title: Gain Staging
Title: Gain Reduction
Title: Gain
Title: Gain
Title: FX
Title: Frequency Areas to Look At
Title: Frequency
Title: Free Plan
Title: FireWire or D)) Button
Title: FireWire or D))
Title: File Management
Title: Fader Locate
Title: Exp
Title: EQing the Room
Title: EQing Effects
Title: Electric Keyboards
Title: Electric Guitar
Title: Effects
Title: Drum Percussion
Title: Direct Out
Title: Digital Output
Title: Digital Effects
Title: DI Setup
Title: Delay
Title: Dealing with Loud Amplifiers
Title: Cue Mixes
Title: Creating a Balance
Title: Creating a Balance
Title: Copy and Load
Title: Control
Title: Console Linking
Title: Connecting Your iPhone to the Network
Title: Connecting Your iPad to the Network
Title: Connecting Your Computer to the Network (AI Series Consoles)
Title: Configuring StudioLive for Mixing
Title: Clock Source
Title: Chapter Two--The Fat Channel
Title: Chapter Twelve--Additional Features
Title: Chapter Three--Aux and FX Buses
Title: Chapter Thirteen--Recording Your Performance
Title: Chapter Ten--Live Mixing with StudioLive
Title: Chapter Sixteen--Recording with StudioLive
Title: Chapter Six--Master Control
Title: Chapter Seven--Unique Features
Title: Chapter Seventeen--Studio Mixing with StudioLive
Title: Chapter One--The Input Section
Title: Chapter Nine--Stage Monitor Mixes
Title: Chapter Fourteen--Treating Your Room Acoustics
Title: Chapter Four--Metering
Title: Chapter Five--The Master Section
Title: Chapter Fifteen--Mic Placement
Title: Chapter Eleven--Controlling StudioLive Remotely
Title: Chapter Eight--Tuning the Sound System to the Room
Title: Chapter Eighteen--Nimbit
Title: Channel Memory
Title: Channel Fader
Title: Channel and Subgroup Gain Staging
Title: Capture 2
Title: Building the Mix
Title: Brass
Title: Big Meter Mode
Title: Bass Guitar
Title: Basic Miking Technique
Title: Basic Mic Placement
Title: Bad Gain Staging Examples
Title: Background Vocals
Title: Background Vocals
Title: Aux Inputs
Title: Aux
Title: Auto
Title: Attack and Release
Title: Attack and Release
Title: Assignments
Title: Assignment
Title: Analyzing and Correcting the Floor Monitors
Title: All On
Title: All Off
Title: Adding More Instruments
Title: Add an Artificial Double
Title: Acoustic Upright Piano
Title: Acoustic Quick Fixes
Title: Acoustic Guitar
Title: Acoustic Grand Piano
Title: Accessing Nimbit
Title: A/B
Title: A Word About Room EQ Curves
Title: 48V (Phantom Power)
Title: 2 Track In

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