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Roger Quilter - Collected Songs : 60 Songs - High Voice : High Voice : # M051934560
Roger Quilter - Collected Songs : 60 Songs - High Voice : High Voice : # M051934560

: Roger Quilter - Collected Songs : 60 Songs - High Voice : High Voice : # M051934560

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Roger Quilter - Collected Songs : 60 Songs - High Voice By : Roger Quilter : Boosey & Hawkes Voice Series : Softcover : High Voice : Published by Boosey & Hawkes : # M051934560
Roger Quilter - Collected Songs by : Roger Quilter

60 songs; with all the top favorites; with a significantly different compilation from the existing Quilter collections. Includes all Shakespeare settings (Op. 6; Op. 23; Op. 30); the complete Arnold Book of Old Songs; To Julia; and other complete sets; as well as individual songs.

Contents: An Old Carol • Arab Love Song • The Ash Grove • Barbara Allen • Believe Me; if All Those Endearing Young Charms • Blow; Blow; Thou Winter Wind • The Bracelet • Brown Is My Love • By a Fountainside • Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes • Charlie is My Darling • Cherry Ripe • Come Away; Death • The Constant Lover • Damask Roses • Dream Valley • Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes • Fair House of Joy • The Faithless Shepherdess • Fear No More the Heat o' the Sun • The Fuchsia Tree • Go; Lovely Rose • Hey; Ho; the Wind ad the Rain • How Should I Your True Love Know? • I Dare Not Ask a Kiss • In the Bud of the Morning-O • Interlude (from To Julia) • It Was a Lover and His Lass • The Jealous Lover • The Jolly Miller • Julia's Hair • June • Love's Philosophy • The Maiden Blush • The Man Behind the Plough • Music; When Soft Voice Die • My Lady Greensleeves • My Lady's Garden • My Life's Delight • The Night Piece • Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal • O Mistress Mine • Oh! 'tis Sweet to Think • Over the Mountains • Prelude (from to Julia) • Pretty Month of May • Sigh No More; Ladies • Since First I Saw Your Face • Song of the Stream • Take; O Take Those Lips Away • Three Poor Mariners • 'Tis St. Valentine's Day • To Althea from Prison • To Daisies • Under the Greenwood Tree • Weep You No More • When Daffodils Begin to Peer • Who is Silvia? • Why So Pale and Wan? • Ye Banks and Braes

. . . . Sample Audio & etc. . . .

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PublisherBoosey & Hawkes
Media Softcover
Format High Voice
Length x Width x Height12 x 9 x 0.541   inches
Shipping Weight1.92 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL48023637
UPC Code8.8868E+11
ISBN 1495059111
EAN 9.7815E+12
1st Publication Date08/2016

Title:         Dream Valley
Lyricist:     William Blake
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         My Life's Delight
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         June
Artist:       Joby Talbot
Lyricist:     Cheryl Lavender ;  Daniel Sargent ;  Joby Talbot
Writer:       Cheryl Lavender ;  Gareth Malone ;  Joby Talbot ;  Roger Quilter ;  Theodore Chanler
Title:         The Ash Grove
Artist:       Katherine Jenkins
Lyricist:     Ben Robbins ;  Hawes ;  Juliette Pochin ;  Old Welsh Air ;  Philip Lawson ;  Rodney Bennett
Writer:       Ben Robbins ;  Benjamin Britten ;  Hawes ;  Juliette Pochin ;  Old Welsh Air ;  Old Welsh Melody ;  Philip Lawson ;  Roger Quilter (arr.) ;  Welsh Tune
Title:         Blow; blow; thou winter wind
Title:         Brown is my love
Title:         By a Fountainside
Title:         Cherry Ripe
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         Come away; death
Title:         Damask Roses
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         Fair House of Joy
Title:         Fear no more the heat o' the sun
Title:         The Jolly Miller
Lyricist:     Anonymous
Writer:       Old English Melody ;  Roger Quilter ;  Roger Quilter (arr.)
Title:         Julia's Hair
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         Now sleeps the crimson petal
Title:         O mistress mine
Title:         Three Poor Mariners
Lyricist:     Anonymous ;  Traditional English Folksong
Writer:       Old English Melody ;  Roger Quilter ;  Roger Quilter (arr.)
Title:         To Daisies
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         Weep you no more
Title:         Barbara Allen
Lyricist:     Traditional ;  Traditional English
Writer:       Old English Melody ;  Roger Quilter ;  Roger Quilter (arr.) ;  Traditional English
Title:         My Lady Greensleeves
Lyricist:     John Irvine
Writer:       Old English Melody ;  Roger Quilter (arr.)
Title:         Who is Silvia?
Title:         It was a lover and his lass
Title:         An Old Carol
Title:         Arab Love Song
Title:         Believe me; if all those endearing young charms
Title:         The Bracelet
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         Ca' the yowes to the knowes
Title:         Charle is my darling
Title:         The Constant Lover
Lyricist:     Moeran
Writer:       Moeran
Title:         Drink to me only with thine eyes
Title:         The Faithless Shepherdess
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         The Fuchsia Tree
Title:         Go; lovely rose
Title:         Hey; Ho; the Wind and the Rain
Title:         How should I your true love know?
Title:         I dare not ask a kiss
Title:         In the bud of the morning-O
Title:         Interlude (from TO JULIA)
Title:         The Jealous Lover
Title:         Love's Philosophy
Title:         The Maiden Blush
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         The man behind the plough
Title:         Music; when soft voices die
Title:         My lady's garden
Title:         The Night Piece
Writer:       Roger Quilter
Title:         Oh! 'tis sweet to think
Title:         Over the mountains
Title:         Prelude (from TO JULIA)
Title:         Pretty Month of May
Title:         Sigh no more; ladies
Title:         Since first I saw your face
Title:         Song of the Stream
Title:         Take; O take those lips away
Title:         'Tis St. Valentine's Day
Title:         To Althea from Prison
Title:         Under the greenwood tree
Title:         When daffodils begin to peer
Title:         Why so pale and wan?
Title:         Ye banks and braes

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