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Sandi Patti Anthology : # 490473
Sandi Patti Anthology : # 490473

Sandi Patti Anthology : # 490473

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Sandi Patti Anthology By : Sandi Patti : Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook Series : Published by Hal Leonard : # 490473
Sandi Patti Anthology by : Sandi Patti

40 favorites complete with a biography and photos of this inspirational singer. Song highlights include: How Majestic Is Your Name • It's Your Song Lord • Let There Be Praise • Love In Any Language • Make His Praise Glorious • More Than Wonderful • O Magnify The Lord • and many more.


PublisherHal Leonard
Length x Width x Height12 x 9 x 0.675   inches
Shipping Weight2.34 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL490473
UPC Code73999904734
ISBN 793500818
EAN 9780793500819
1st Publication Date01/1991

Title:         Hosanna
Artist:       harry Belafonte ;  Paul McCartney
Lyricist:     Brooke Ligertwood ;  Carl Tuttle ;  Deborah D. Smith ;  Jenette Threlfall ;  Kirk Franklin ;  Lord Burgess ;  Michael W. Smith ;  Paul McCartney ;  Tim Rice ;  Traditional ;  William Attaway
Writer:       Andrew Lloyd Webber ;  Benjamin Harlan ;  Brooke Ligertwood ;  Carl Tuttle ;  Deborah D. Smith ;  John Leavitt ;  Kirk Franklin ;  Lord Burgess ;  Michael W. Smith ;  Paul McCartney ;  William Attaway
Title:         Masterpiece
Artist:       Danny Gokey ;  Jessie J ;  Sandi Patti
Lyricist:     Barbara Furman ;  Bernie Herms ;  Bert Stratton ;  Brent Alan Henderson ;  Brittany Burton ;  Craig Patty ;  Emily Schwartz ;  Emily Weisband ;  Gloria Gaither ;  Joshua Berman ;  Michael Patty ;  Paul Drayton
Writer:       Bernie Herms ;  Brent Alan Henderson ;  Brittany Burton ;  Craig Patty ;  Emily Schwartz ;  Emily Weisband ;  Joshua Berman ;  Paul Drayton ;  Stan Pethel
Title:         Amazing Grace (Sandi Patti)
Title:         O Magnify The Lord
Lyricist:     Dick Tunney ;  Melodie Tunney ;  Moses Hogan
Writer:       Dick Tunney ;  Melodie Tunney ;  Moses Hogan
Title:         I Will Praise Him
Lyricist:     Gloria Gaither ;  John W. Thompson ;  Margaret J. Harris
Writer:       John W. Thompson ;  Margaret J. Harris
Title:         The Lord's Prayer
Artist:       Sister Janet Mead
Lyricist:     Albert H. Malotte ;  John Tavener ;  Matthew 6:9-13 ;  O. Park ;  Traditional ;  Wulstan
Writer:       Albert H. Malotte ;  Alexander Milner (trans.) ;  Arnold Strals ;  C. Krebs ;  Jennie Lee Riddle ;  John Brunning ;  John Tavener ;  Naus (arr.) ;  O. Park ;  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky ;  Traditional ;  Wulstan
Title:         Bethlehem Morning
Lyricist:     Kirby Shaw ;  Morris Chapman
Writer:       Morris Chapman ;  Traditional
Title:         Cradle Song
Lyricist:     Edward Oxenford ;  Howells ;  Marie Pooler ;  Mozart ;  Previously attributed to W.A. ;  Wilhelm Taubert ;  William Blake
Writer:       Edward Oxenford ;  Howells ;  Johannes Brahms ;  Marie Pooler ;  Mozart ;  Previously attributed to W.A. ;  Ralph Vaughan Williams ;  Theodore Chanler ;  Wilhelm Taubert
Title:         Forever Friends
Lyricist:     Claire Cloninger ;  Kathy Frizzell ;  Roger Emerson
Writer:       Claire Cloninger ;  Kathy Frizzell ;  Roger Emerson
Title:         Worship The King
Lyricist:     Bill George ;  Billy Smiley ;  Mark Condon
Writer:       Bill George ;  Billy Smiley ;  Mark Condon
Title:         Come Before Him
Title:         Come Lets Worship Him
Title:         How Great Thou Art
Artist:       Martina McBride
Lyricist:     Hine ;  Stuart K. Hine
Writer:       Hine ;  Stuart K. Hine (adapt.) ;  Traditional Swedish folk tune
Title:         How Majestic Is Your Name
Artist:       Michael W. Smith ;  Sandi Patty
Lyricist:     Michael W. Smith ;  Stone
Writer:       Michael W. Smith ;  Stone
Title:         Face To Faith
Title:         Friendship Company
Lyricist:     Claire Cloninger ;  Mark Gersmehl
Writer:       Claire Cloninger ;  Mark Gersmehl
Title:         Glorious Morning
Artist:       Sandi Patti
Lyricist:     Gary McSpadden ;  Lari Goss ;  Linda Dooley
Writer:       Gary McSpadden ;  Lari Goss ;  Linda Dooley
Title:         Star Spangled Banner
Artist:       Whitney Houston
Writer:       F.S. Key ;  W. Naus (arr.)
Title:         In Heaven's Eyes
Lyricist:     Phill McHugh
Writer:       Phill McHugh
Title:         In Majesty He Will Come
Artist:       Sandi Patti
Lyricist:     Dick Tunney ;  Melodie Tunney
Writer:       Dick Tunney ;  Melodie Tunney
Title:         In The Name Of The Lord
Lyricist:     Gloria Gaither ;  Phill McHugh ;  Sandi Patty
Writer:       Sandi Patty
Title:         It's Your Song; Lord
Title:         Jesus; Lord To Me
Lyricist:     Gary McSpadden ;  Greg Nelson
Writer:       Gary McSpadden ;  Greg Nelson
Title:         Let There Be Praise
Artist:       Sandi Patty
Lyricist:     Dick Tunney ;  Melodie Tunney
Writer:       Dick Tunney ;  Melodie Tunney
Title:         Love In Any Language
Artist:       Sandi Patty
Lyricist:     John Mays ;  Jon Mohr
Writer:       John Mays ;  Jon Mohr
Title:         Love Overflowing
Title:         Love Will Be Our Home
Artist:       Sandi Patty
Lyricist:     Steven Curtis Chapman
Writer:       Steven Curtis Chapman
Title:         Make His Praise Glorious
Lyricist:     Robin Wolaver
Writer:       Bill Wolaver
Title:         More Than Wonderful
Lyricist:     Lanny Wolfe
Writer:       Lanny Wolfe
Title:         Pour On The Power
Artist:       Sandi Patti
Lyricist:     Dwight Liles ;  Mark Gersmehl ;  Niles Borop
Writer:       Dwight Liles ;  Mark Gersmehl ;  Niles Borop
Title:         Shepherd Of My Heart
Artist:       Sandi Patty
Lyricist:     Dick Tunney ;  Mark Baldwin
Writer:       Dick Tunney ;  Mark Baldwin
Title:         Shine Down
Lyricist:     Billy Smiley ;  Bob Farrell ;  Mark Gersmehl
Writer:       Billy Smiley ;  Bob Farrell ;  Mark Gersmehl
Title:         Somebody Believed
Artist:       Sandi Patti
Lyricist:     Gary Dunham ;  Rosemary Dunham
Writer:       Gary Dunham ;  Rosemary Dunham
Title:         That's The Love Of God
Lyricist:     Greg Nelson ;  Phill McHugh
Writer:       Greg Nelson ;  Phill McHugh
Title:         They Could Not
Lyricist:     Claire Cloninger ;  Ron Harris
Writer:       Claire Cloninger ;  Ron Harris
Title:         Upon This Rock
Lyricist:     Gloria Gaither ;  John Ness Beck
Writer:       Dony McGuire ;  John Ness Beck
Title:         Via Dolorosa
Artist:       Sandi Patty
Lyricist:     Billy Sprague ;  Niles Borop
Writer:       Billy Sprague ;  Niles Borop
Title:         Was It A Morning Like This?
Lyricist:     Jim Croegaert
Writer:       Jim Croegaert
Title:         We Shall Behold Him
Lyricist:     Dottie Rambo
Writer:       Dottie Rambo
Title:         When The Time Comes
Artist:       Sandi Patti
Lyricist:     David Kavich
Writer:       David Kavich

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