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The Collection of Television Music (Book), Piano/Vocal/Chords (Piano/Vocal/Chords), TV, #YL00-MFM0409
The Collection of Television Music

The Collection of Television Music (Book), Piano/Vocal/Chords (Piano/Vocal/Chords), TV, #YL00-MFM0409

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The Collection of Television Music (Book), Piano/Vocal/Chords (Piano/Vocal/Chords), TV, #YL00-MFM0409 : : P/V/C Mixed Folio : Book : TV

Ninety of television's best titles in a big irresistible collection. Titles include: Batman Theme * Bonanza * Busted and Dusted ('America's Most Wanted') * Charlie's Angels (Main Title) * Everybody Loves Raymond * Hawaii Five-O * High Upon This Love ('The Bold and the Beautiful') * I'll Be There for You ('Friends') * Law and Order * Love Is Gonna Get You ( 'Miss Match' Theme) * Perry Mason Theme * The Pink Panther * The Rockford Files * Sex and the City * Somebody Help Me (Theme from 'Tru Calling') * Song from M*A*S*H * Theme from 'NYPD Blue' * 24 (End Title Theme) * The West Wing (Main Title) and many more.


PublisherAlfred Publishing
Format Book
Instrument Piano/Vocal/Chords
Genre TV
Category P/V/C Mixed Folio
Shipping Weight1.959   lbs
Alfred Publishing Item 00-MFM0409
Product Code YL00-MFM0409
UPC Code654979074588
ISBN 10 0757920144
EAN 9780757920141

Title:         Young Riders Theme
Artist:     John Debney

Title:         Yes; Dear
Artist:     Bill Janovitz

Title:         Wonder Why the Wonderfalls
Artist:     Andy Partridge

Title:         Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Main/End & Cues)
Artist:     Mark Matthews ; James Griffith ; Kathy Matthews

Title:         Where There Is Hope (from 'Guiding Light')
Artist:     Trey Bruce ; John Bettis ; Brian Siewert

Title:         Walk with You
Artist:     Marc Lichtman ; Marianne Williamson

Title:         Viewer Mail Theme (from 'Late Night with David Letterman')
Artist:     Henry Mancini

Title:         Twilight Zone
Artist:     Geddy Lee ; Neil Peart ; Alex Lifeson

Title:         Tuesday at Nola
Artist:     Earl Rose

Title:         Those Were The Days (from 'All in the Family')
Artist:     Charles Strouse ; Lee Adams

Title:         This Is the Night
Artist:     Gary Burr ; Aldo Nova ; Chris Braide

Title:         This Is It! (from 'The Bugs Bunny Show')
Artist:     Jerry Livingston ; Mack David

Title:         Thirtysomething (Main Theme)
Artist:     W. G. 'Snuffy' Walden

Title:         Theme from Time Tunnel
Artist:     Johnny Williams

Title:         Theme from Please Don't Eat the Daisies
Artist:     Jeff Alexander

Title:         Theme from Peyton Place
Artist:     Paul Francis Webster ; Franz Waxman

Title:         Theme from National Velvet
Artist:     Robert Armbruster

Title:         Theme from Hondo
Artist:     Richard Markowitz

Title:         Theme from General Hospital

Title:         Theme from Futurama
Artist:     Christopher Tyng

Title:         Theme from Cagney and Lacey
Artist:     Bill Conti

Title:         Theme from 'Wiseguy'
Artist:     Mike Post

Title:         Theme from 'The X-Files'
Artist:     Mark Snow

Title:         Theme from 'The Simpsons'
Artist:     Danny Elfman

Title:         Theme from 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.'
Artist:     Jerry Goldsmith

Title:         Theme from 'The Girl from Uncle'
Artist:     Jerry Goldsmith

Title:         Theme from 'NYPD Blue'
Artist:     Mike Post

Title:         Theme from 'Magnum P.I.'
Artist:     Mike Post ; Pete Carpenter

Title:         Theme from 'Hunter'
Artist:     Mike Post ; Pete Carpenter
Title: Theme from 'Family Guy'- - Artist: Walter Murphy
Title: Theme from 'Coach'- - Artist: John Morris
Title: The West Wing (Main Title)- - Artist: W. G. 'Snuffy' Walden
Title: The Rockford Files- - Artist: Mike Post ; Pete Carpenter
Title: The Pink Panther (from 'The Pink Panther')- - Artist: Henry Mancini
Title: The Patty Duke Theme- - Artist: Bob Welles ; Sid Ramin
Title: The Masterpiece (Theme from 'Masterpiece Theater')- - Artist: Paul Parnes ; J.J. Mouret
Title: The Jetsons (Main Theme)- - Artist: Joseph R. Barbera ; William Hanna ; Hoyt Curtin
Title: The Hill Street Blues Theme- - Artist: Mike Post
Title: The Green Hornet Theme- - Artist: Billy May
Title: The Greatest American Hero (Theme)- - Artist: Mike Post ; Stephen Geyer
Title: The A-Team (Main Theme)- - Artist: Mike Post ; Pete Carpenter
Title: T. J. Hooker (Main Title)- - Artist: Mark Snow
Title: Stargate SG-1- - Artist: David Arnold
Title: St. Elsewhere
Title: Song from 'M*A*S*H' (Suicide Is Painless)- - Artist: Johnny Mandel ; Michael Altman
Title: Somebody Help Me- - Artist: Keith Volpone ; Walter Brant ; William Brant
Title: Simple Life- - Artist: Keith Volpone ; Walter Brant ; William Brant
Title: Sex and the City (Main Theme) (And Cues)- - Artist: Douglas Cuomo
Title: Searchin' My Soul- - Artist: Vonda Shepard ; Paul Gordon
Title: Scooby Doo / Scrappy Doo (All New)- - Artist: Joseph Barbera ; William Hanna
Title: Powerpuff Girls- - Artist: contributor: A Mckinnon; S Clark; J Clark; T Chase; S Rucker; J
Title: Peter Gunn (from 'Peter Gunn')- - Artist: Henry Mancini
Title: Perry Mason (Theme)- - Artist: Fred Steiner
Title: Our Land Forever- - Artist: Earl Rose
Title: Nine to Five (Main Theme)- - Artist: Dolly Parton
Title: Newhart- - Artist: Henry Mancini
Title: Never Forget (Theme from Wake Island)- - Artist: Earl Rose
Title: Mister- - Artist: Ray Evans ; Jay Livingston
Title: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Opening & Closing)- - Artist: Shuky Levy ; Haim Saban
Title: Miami Vice- - Artist: Jan Hammer
Title: Love Is Gonna Get You- - Artist: Macy Gray ; Mike Elizondo
Title: Law and Order- - Artist: Mike Post
Title: Late Show Theme- - Artist: Paul Shaffer
Title: L.A. Law (Main Title)- - Artist: Mike Post
Title: Keeping Up Appearances- - Artist: Nick Ingman
Title: In the Heat of the Night- - Artist: Myles Hunter
Title: I'll Be There for You (Theme from 'Friends')- - Artist: David Crane ; Marta Kauffman ; Allee Willis ; Phil Solem ; Danny Wilde ; Michael Skloff
Title: Hooperman (Theme & Cues)- - Artist: Mike Post
Title: High Upon This Love (from 'The Bold and the Beautiful')- - Artist: David Kurtz ; Jack Allocco ; Bradley Bell ; Andrew Weitz ; Dionne Warwick
Title: Here with Me (Theme from 'Roswell')- - Artist: Paul Statham ; Pascal Gabriel ; Dido Armstrong
Title: Hawaii Five-O (Main Title)- - Artist: Mort Stevens
Title: Hardcastle & McCormick (Cues)- - Artist: Mike Post
Title: Good Ole Boys- - Artist: Waylon Jennings
Title: Flying Without Wings- - Artist: Steve Mac ; Wayne Hector
Title: Everybody Loves Raymond (Main Title)- - Artist: Rick Marotta ; Terry Trotter
Title: E.R. (Main Theme)- - Artist: James Newton Howard
Title: Daniel Boone (Main Theme)- - Artist: Lionel Newman ; Vera Matson
Title: Dallas (Main Title)- - Artist: Jerrold Immel
Title: Charlie's Angels (Main Theme)- - Artist: Jack Elliott ; Allyn Ferguson
Title: Busted and Dusted- - Artist: David Derby ; Michael Kotch
Title: Boston Public- - Artist: Thomas Newman
Title: Boss of Me (from 'Malcolm in the Middle')- - Artist: John Linnell ; John Flansburgh
Title: Bonanza (Theme from TV Series)- - Artist: Jay Livingston ; Ray Evans
Title: Bay City Blues
Title: Batman Theme- - Artist: Neal Hefti
Title: Bad Boys (Theme from 'Cops')- - Artist: Ian Lewis
Title: Adventures in Paradise- - Artist: Dorcas Cochran ; Lionel Newman
Title: 24 (End Title Theme)- - Artist: Sean Callery
Title: 20th Century Fox Fanfare (a/k/a Twentieth Century Fox Trademark)
Title: (Meet) The Flintstones- - Artist: Joseph R. Barbera ; William Hanna ; Hoyt Curtin

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