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The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children (Collection) : Melody/Lyrics/Chords : # 991700
The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children (Collection) : Melody/Lyrics/Chords : # 991700

The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children (Collection) : Melody/Lyrics/Chords : # 991700

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The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children (Collection) By : Various Authors : Transcontinental Music Folios Series : Melody/Lyrics/Chords : Published by Transcontinental Music Publications : # 991700
The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children by : Various Authors

Bring Jewish culture and history into your home or classroom with this comprehensive collection of children's music! Over 300 pages; this book features more than 200 songs that highlight stories from the Hebrew Bible (like the Maccabees; Esther and Jonah); encourages civic values through ethical teachings; and teaches the traditions of the Jewish holidays.


PublisherTranscontinental Music Publications
Format Melody/Lyrics/Chords
Length x Width x Height11 x 8.5 x 0.681   inches
Shipping Weight2.56 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL191041
UPC Code73999532784
ISBN 807408204
EAN 9780807408209
Voicing DescriptionCollection
1st Publication Date10/2002

Title:         Adir Hu
Lyricist:     Traditional Hebrew
Writer:       Liturgical Passover Melody
Title:         S'vivon
Lyricist:     Hanukkah Song ;  Traditional Chanukah Song ;  Traditional Folksong
Writer:       Bob Chilcott ;  Hanukkah Song ;  Traditional Chanukah Song ;  Traditional Folksong
Title:         Mayim; Mayim
Lyricist:     Traditional Hebrew
Writer:       Traditional Hebrew
Title:         Od Yishama
Lyricist:     S. Carlebach
Writer:       S. Carlebach
Title:         Yism'chu Hashamayim
Lyricist:     Hasidic
Writer:       Hasidic
Title:         Ani Maamin
Writer:       Smadar Raymond
Title:         Chanukah
Lyricist:     Sheldon Secunda
Writer:       Sholom Secunda
Title:         Birdsong
Artist:       Ludovico Einaudi
Writer:       Ludovico Einaudi
Title:         With My Family
Title:         Af; Peh; Ozen
Title:         Modeh Ani
Title:         The Torah
Title:         Hinei Mah Tov
Title:         Shalom Aleichem
Lyricist:     John Leavitt (arr.) ;  Traditional Hebrew ;  Traditional Hebrew Round
Writer:       Israel Goldfarb ;  John Leavitt (arr.) ;  Samuel E. Goldfarb ;  Traditional Hebrew Round
Title:         Avinu Malkeinu
Title:         Eliyahu Hanavi
Title:         Ai Didi Dai
Title:         Am Yisraeil Chai - Carlebach
Title:         Am Yisraeil Chai - Rockoff
Title:         Erev Shel Shoshanim
Lyricist:     Moshe Dor
Writer:       Moshe Dor
Title:         Good Morning; Boker Tov
Title:         Hatikvah
Lyricist:     N.H. Imber
Writer:       Eric Baumgartner (arr.) ;  Traditional Hebrew Melody
Title:         Havah Nagilah
Lyricist:     Cheryl Lavender ;  Traditional Hebrew
Writer:       Cheryl Lavender ;  Traditional Hebrew
Title:         Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem
Title:         Im Tirtzu
Title:         K'chol V'lavan
Title:         Kum Bachur Atzeil
Title:         Lach Y'rushalayim
Title:         Los Bilbilicos
Title:         Now We Say Shalom
Title:         Rojinkes mit Mandlen
Title:         Shir Baboker Baboker
Title:         Sisu et Y'rushalayim
Title:         Tumbalalaika
Lyricist:     Audrey Snyder ;  Yiddish Folk Song
Writer:       Audrey Snyder (arr.) ;  Yiddish Folk Song
Title:         Tzenah; Tzenah
Title:         World of Our Fathers
Title:         Y'rushalayim
Title:         Zum Gali Gali
Lyricist:     Israeli Folk Song ;  Traditional Israeli Folk Song
Writer:       Dan Miner (arr.) ;  Israeli Folk Song ;  Traditional Israeli Folk Song
Title:         Alef Bet
Title:         And the Youth Shall See Visions
Title:         B'ni
Title:         Bakitah
Title:         Biti
Title:         Challah in the Oven
Title:         Color Song
Title:         Eema - Aba
Title:         Eil Male Rachamim
Title:         Friday Night Thru the Nose
Title:         Hayom Yom Huledet
Title:         I'm Growing
Title:         I'm Proud to Be a Jew
Title:         Mishpacha Song
Title:         On Shabbat
Title:         Oyfn Pripitchok
Title:         S'lichah; Todah; B'vakashah
Title:         Shabbat Shalom
Title:         Shabbat; Shabbat Shalom
Title:         Simon Tov
Title:         Stir the Soup
Title:         Thank You; God
Title:         The Challah
Title:         The Jewish Calendar Song
Title:         The Jewish Life Cycle Song
Title:         To See the World Through Jewish Eyes
Title:         We Say 'Shehecheyanu'
Title:         The Synagogue
Title:         Mezuzah
Title:         Kipah
Title:         Hands Hold the Torah
Title:         The People In My Synagogue
Title:         The Rabbi
Title:         The Cantor
Title:         Say the B'rachot
Title:         Prayer Is Reaching
Title:         Avinu Malkeinu (Yom Kippur)
Title:         B'yom Kippur
Title:         Kol Nidrei
Title:         L'shanah Tovah
Title:         Mi Chamocha - Traditional
Title:         Sing Along Song

Tapuchim Ud'vash
Avadim Hayinu
Ballad of the Sons
Chad Gadya
Charoset Recipe Song
Echad Mi Yodeia
Go Down; Moses
Ha Lachma Anya
I Am the Afikomen
Kadeish Urchatz
Kareiv Yom
Mah Nishtanah - Friedman
Mah Nishtanah - Israeli Tune
Mah Nishtanah - Haggadah Chant
Mi Chamocha (Passover)
Mi Chamocha (Shavuot)
Mi Chamocha (Sukkot)
Pesach Is Here Today
Seder Table
Sukkot Morning
Sukkot Song
The Seder Plate Song
To Build a Sukkah
Tora Li
When We March On Simchat Torah
Yisraeil V'oraita
Chanukah Candle Blessings
Chanukah; O Chanukah
If I Were a Candle
Light One Candle
Maoz Tsur
Mi Chamocha (Chanukah)
Mi Y'maleil
The Dreidel Song
Chag Purim
Esther 7:1;2
Let's Go Plant Today
Planting Song
Purim Game
Purim's a Time
You Can Change the World
Ashrei Hagafrur
The Last Butterfly
Zog Nit Keinmol
Adon Olam - Hittman
Adon Olam - Gervitch
Adon Olam - French Sephardic
Adonai Oz
Birchot Havdallah
Birkat Hamazon
Candle Blessing
Eileh Cham'dah Libi
Ein Adir - Mi Pi Eil
Ein Kamocha
Ein Keiloheinu
Eitz Chayim
Hamavdil-Shavua Tov
Hodo al Eretz
Hodu Ladonai
Ki Eshm'ra Shabbat
Kiddush-Erev Shabbat
L'chah Dodi - Folk Song
L'chah Dodi - Zeira
Laasok B'divrei Torah
Mah Tovu
Mah Yafeh Hayom
Mi Chamocha - Freed
Oseh Shalom - Hirsch
Oseh Shalom - Klepper
Oseh Shalom - Friedman
Shalom - Tree of Life
Shavua Tov
Shehecheyanu - Traditional
Shehecheyanu - Pik
Torah Blessings
Torah Service: Ki Mitzion
Torah Service: Sh'ma
V'ahavta - Isaacson
V'nomar L'fanav
V'zot Hatorah
Al Tifg'i Vi
B'reishit (Genesis) 1:1-5
Building Solomon's Temple
David Melech Yisraeil
Dodi Li
Eretz Zavat Chalav
Hal'luyah; Hinei Mah Tov
How Glorious
Isaiah 42:5;6
Keshet (Rainbow)
Kumi Lach
Lo Yisa Goi
Mi Chamocha - Shirat Hayam Chant
Noah and the Ark
Rise and Shine
Ten Commandments Song
This Is Very Good
V'ahavta - Torah Chant
Al Sh'losha D'varim
Ama Rabi Elazar
Amar Rabi Akiva
Ani V'atah
Eili; Eili
Im Ein Ani Li
Just Another Foreigner
Leaving Mother Russia
Let the Heavens Be Glad
Lo Alecha
OtPustyi Narod Moi
The Rainbow Covenant
What Is a Mitzvah?
Yad B'yad

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