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The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd (Book), Rock, #YL74-1843535751 [Pink Floyd] By Toby Manning
The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd

The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd (Book), Rock, #YL74-1843535751 [Pink Floyd] By Toby Manning

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The Rough Guide to Pink Floyd (Book), Rock, #YL74-1843535751 : [Pink Floyd] By Toby Manning : Textbook - General : Book : Rock : Rough Guide

This is the ultimate companion to the band that changed the sound and scale of pop music forever. Features include stories from the Syd Barrett era and the Dark Side Of The Moon phenomenon to their transformation into one of the world's biggest bands. It covers 50 essential Floyd songs and the stories behind them, plus all the albums and recording sessions, side-projects, and solo careers. The Floyd on Film section looks at the movies and film soundtracks from The Wall and More to Zabriskie Point and Pink Floyd at Pompeii, and the Floydology File section takes a look at the cover versions, rarities, DVDs, books, and websites. From the psychedelic 'happenings' of 60s London to the arena gigs, world tours, and Live 8 reunion---it's all here.


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Pink Floyd : Artist
Toby Manning : Author

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