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The Tallowmere Annual (Book), #YL12-0571540473 By Keaton Henson
The Tallowmere Annual

The Tallowmere Annual (Book), #YL12-0571540473 By Keaton Henson

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The Tallowmere Annual (Book), #YL12-0571540473 : By Keaton Henson : Textbook - General : Book : Faber Edition

The Tallowmere Annual is a unique collection of words, sound, and ink paintings by musician and artist Keaton Henson. This special limited edition hardback, mixed-media book tells the fragmented story of a town that never existed---Tallowmere---seemingly empty, showing only outlines of living things, words once spoken, and the sounds of distant mourning. The first of its kind, the book's front cover holds an MP3 pack embedded with an audio jack for headphones and sound controls. Readers can plug in and listen to a recorded score created specially by Keaton as an accompaniment to reading the book and viewing the artwork. Visit welcometotallowmere.com for more information.


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PublisherAlfred Publishing
Format Book
Category Textbook - General
Shipping Weight2.75   lbs
Alfred Publishing Item 12-0571540473
Product Code YL12-0571540473
UPC Code9780571540471
ISBN 10 0571540473
EAN 9780571540471

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