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Academic Orders and Eligibility
What are the Academic Eligibility requirements?

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Most of the Software Products we offer are available to the academic community (and others) at great discounts! Many leading software manufactures have “academic" or "education" software programs to offer their software to the academic community at specially discounted prices. These academic companies have identified the academic communities (and other communities) as opinion leaders for the promotion of their products. These products are identical to the regular commercial versions. They are complete with no features disabled, and include manuals, registration and seldom are there any differences.

Products ordered as Academic Discounted required (as identified in the Academic Eligibility tab section of each product) are only available to students, teachers, schools, and other individuals and organizations. With these products you are required to document or verify your eligibility with us. Please verify your academic eligibility by using the following steps:

  • Upon selecting the items you want and completing your order you will have an order number for your order.
  • Fax us a copy of the required eligibility documents as described below to (877) 217-0113 .
  • Make an image of your school ID or other documentation by using a scanner, a digital camera or the camera in your cell phone.
  • Then download to your computer and email us your image (*.jpg or *.gif if convenient) to or email directly from your phone.
Please include your order number on the email or fax.

For Students and Teachers
  • A valid School ID should contain:

    • Your name
    • Your picture
    • School name
    • Current semester or school year

    For Sibelius products a School ID is Required.

    For other products, if you do not have a school ID please send us the following documentation:

    • Students without a school ID please submit a copy of recent report card (K-12 only), or a letter from teacher or school on school letterhead verifying CURRENT enrollment, or a copy of class schedule, or a copy of receipt showing payment for current semester.
    • Teachers, Staff, or School Employees without a school ID please submit a copy of your pay stub, or a copy of your teaching contract, or a letter from on school letterhead verifying your school employment. If you are listed on a school web site you only need to provide us with the website address.

    • Home Schooled Students please provide us with name, age, and grade level and two or more, if possible, of the following:

    1. A letter from your State's Department of Education or local School District or Board recognizing your home school.

    2. A letter of intent to home school.

    3. Any document showing membership in a local, state, or national home school association or organization.

    4. Any receipts for purchases of a home school curriculum program from any nationally recognized home school curriculum provider.

    5. Any other documentation which verifies that you have established an authentic home school for the purpose of educating your child or children outside of the public and private school systems.

    • Private Music Teachers can purchase most music software at academic discounted prices. Private Music Teachers must be a current member of MTNA, MENC, State MEA or an MENC allied association. Please send us a copy of your membership documentation.

    If you do not have the above items please send us any documentation or information you have for our review. If we need additional documentation we will email you immediately or within an hour.

    Churches and Theological Organizations

    Most music software are offered to religious organizations at academic discounted prices.

    • Churches, Synagogues and Theological Organizations must be nonprofit and have a separate house of worship. The Music Minister or Music Representative placing the order must currently be employed or working with a church or other religious institution in their music department.

    Documentation - Churches and theological organizations please send us a letter on official church stationery that confirms that the software is being purchased for the use of the organization. If you are listed on a church web site you only need to provide us with the website address.

    Schools, Districts, Colleges & Universities

    We offer great special academic discounts, special volume discounts and Site Licensing on many products to K-12, colleges and other education institutions. Please email or call us with the details of your requirements so that our Licensing Specialists can help you.

    If you are purchasing with a Purchase Order (Net 30), the Purchase Order is proof of academic eligibility. If you're paying for a school order with a personal credit card or check, you must send us a letter of authorization on school letterhead.

    Qualified institutions may be either publicly or privately owned and include the following:

    • Preschools
    • Elementary schools
    • Secondary schools
    • Vocational schools
    • Correspondence schools
    • Junior colleges
    • Colleges
    • Universities or scientific or technical institutes.
    • Boards of education
    • Ministries of education
    • School district administrative offices

    Nonprofit Organizations

    Several manufacturers allow charitable nonprofit organizations to purchase software at academic discounts. If you are a recognized as a charitable nonprofit under section 501(c) 3 of the IRS tax code you may be eligible.

    Most hospitals, libraries, museums, religious organizations and non-profit charitable organizations are eligible to purchase.

    Your privacy is important to us. Please feel free to hide any and all personal information other than your photograph, name, and any document expiration dates on any documents you submit.

What is the difference between educational versions and the real version?
  Nothing; aside from the price, usually these products are functionally identical to the commercial versions. As a student, teacher, instructor, or faculty member you are eligible to purchase one copy of most software titles at educational discounts.