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WA12 500 MkII : Discrete Mic Preamplifier : # WA12 MKII BL
WA12 500 MkII : Discrete Mic Preamplifier : # WA12 MKII BL

WA12 500 MkII : Discrete Mic Preamplifier : # WA12 MKII BL

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Product Description

WA12 500 MkII : Discrete Mic Preamplifier : Warm Audio Series : General Merchandise : Published by Warm Audio : # WA12 MKII BL
WA12 500 MkII

A lot of preamps on the market do a good job of raising the volume of mics and instruments. Unfortunately; many pres are doing only that; raising volume. The “super clean” designs of today often leave the signal exiting the preamp sounding much the same as it did entering it. If you are looking for a preamp to improve and shape your signal; you will most definitely love the WA12 500 MkII. It's designed to transform plain instruments and vocals into exciting tone. If your mixes lack depth; struggle to sound alive; or are just missing that professional touch you've always wanted; there is a good chance you will love the WA12 500 MkII.

Features include:

• Fully discrete design with a robust 71 dB of gain

• 6-pin socketed 1731 style op-amp

• 20 dB Pad

• External 24V AC power plug

• Tone button to switch the input impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms

• XLR mic level balanced input

•yXLR and 1/4″ TRS balanced outputs

• 48V Phantom power

• LED meter gain indication

• 2 Meg Ohm true Hi-Z input on front panel. Sends instrument signal through entire circuit including both cinemag transformers and discrete op-amp

• Output attenuation control (after the Cinemag output transformer) allows for driving the preamp and transformers into saturation


PublisherWarm Audio
Media General Merchandise
Length x Width x Height12.7 x 14.2 x 3.75   inches
Shipping Weight6.18 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL359128
UPC Code850016400611
1st Publication Date11/2020

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