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Prelude And Ballad, For Cornet Or Saxhorn And Piano (Trumpet) : # AL20975
Prelude And Ballad, For Cornet Or Saxhorn And Piano (Trumpet) : # AL20975

Prelude And Ballad, For Cornet Or Saxhorn And Piano (Trumpet) : # AL20975

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Prelude And Ballad; For Cornet Or Saxhorn And Piano (Trumpet) By : Guillaume Balay : Leduc Series : Softcover : Published by Alphonse Leduc : # AL20975
Prelude And Ballad; For Cornet Or Saxhorn And Piano by : Guillaume Balay

“Guillaume Balay (1871-1943) served in the French military as a prolific Cornet player; having won first place in the 1894 Cornet Award competition at the National Academy of Music in Paris. His compositions were popular in the Cornet and brass repertoire at the time; including his Prelude and Ballad; adaptable to Cornet or Saxhorn with Piano accompaniment. This Balay work remains within the brass repertoire to this day and is suitable for intermediate to advanced level players. The Prelude is in 4/4 meter and exploits the full range of the instruments. There is also much use of flourishing semiquaver passages. The Ballad is a much more measured than the first movement and is in 2/4 time. The texture is predominantly melody-dominated homophony with the occasional use of call-and-response between the melody instrument and Piano accompaniment. This quirky; two-movement piece by Balay provides the intermediate to advanced Cornet or Saxhorn player with a fun; alternative performance piece.”


PublisherAlphonse Leduc
Media Softcover
Length x Width x Height12 x 9 x 0.064   inches
Shipping Weight0.18 pounds
East Coast Music Product Code ZHL48181441
UPC Code888680841515
Voicing DescriptionTrumpet
1st Publication Date05/2018

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